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Woozworld’s Scariest Stories!

Posted on

Jenny asked you to write a scary story for her and…. Wow. She had know idea how many horror heroes there were in Woozworld! Needless to say, poor Jenny hasn’t been[...]

Jenny’s Fave Fall Recipes!

Posted on

Jenny asked YOU, the Woozens, to submit your fave fall recipes! After lots of taste-testing (yes, she actually made them), she’s picked her favourites! Though she loved [...]

November Design Contest

Posted on

The winners of the last Outfit Design Contest were recently just released and we already have another one prepped! We want to see your Fall / Winter Designs. Its a very vague [...]

The Kween’s Story

Posted on

Long ago, there was a little girl, who had a wild imagination. She loved Halloween and would always be in her queen costume, and pretend she had royal subjects, and her own wo[...]

Zoomworld Writing Contest Winners!

Posted on

JennyWooz asked to tell us what YOU think Zoomworld is like and, WOW, the responses were amazing! She wanted as many details as you could give and you certainly delivered. [...]

Zoomworld Video Challenge!

Posted on

The Woozband asked you to make a video about whether or not you believe in Zoomworld and, wow, did you deliver! After reviewing each video carefully, the Woozband has picked t[...]


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