#ZeChicYoSelf Tagline!
  • January 8, 2015

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Are you having one of those days when you just have to treat yourself? Now you can #ZeChicYoSelf with 15 brand-new assets available in the ZeChic category of ShopZ!

To celebrate this addition, we want to hear how you ZeChic yourself! In 140 characters or fewer, tell us the best reason to #ZeChicYoself. Here are some of our ideas to get your creativity going:

I just broke up with my BF and I decided to ZeChic myself cuz IDC. #zechicyoself

A Yeti looked better than me… ouch. When I’m done, ya betta run! #zechicyoself

Do I want a cute dress today? Yes. #zechicyoself

It’s been a rough week… so I emptied ShopZ. #yolo #zechicyoself

Once you have your tagline, head to The Fashion Show Unitz  and submit it to us by clicking on the purple Podz. Taglines that make us laugh will be posted on the blog and their creators will receive a special achievement and title to show off their ZeChicness!

And remember… now is the time to #ZeChicYoSelf!