Your Holiday Advent is here!
  • November 30, 2014

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Advent Calendar HeaderDecember is here and the holidays are upon us! Tis’ the season to bring friends and family closer but it’s also the season for Woozworld’s Advent Calendar!

Every day that you log in Woozworld, you will get 1 colored Holiday Chest in your inventory. This locked chest contains your advent gift inside. You will also receive 1 colored Holiday Key. To get your gift of the day, you need to find a friend that has a key that matches your chest color. Once you find that friend, bring them to your Unitz and ask them to click and unlock your Holiday Chest and voilà! You can use your Holiday Key to open a friend’s Holiday chest and receive a little bonus for doing so.

There are a few important details that we’ve answered in the blog below.

Get unlocking!

Your Woozband


What time will I get a new Holiday Chest and Holiday Key?
You will receive a new Holiday Chest and Holiday Key at 7PM WT every day from November 30th to December 30th. If you are logged in during this time, you will need to reload to see what your new Holiday Chest and Holiday Key is.

How can I see what Holiday Key I have?
There will be a button on the right hand side of your screen that tells you what color Holiday Key you have. If you click it, a window will open that will explain what you can do with the Holiday Key.

What happens if I don’t get my Holiday Chest unlocked?
You will get a new chest every day, the other one wont disappear. If you can’t find someone to unlock your Holiday Chest, you can try to get it opened the next day. In doing so, you will receive the advent gift for that day, not the one previous. For example, if on December 2nd you didn’t get your Holiday Chest unlocked, but you do find someone on December 3rd to unlock, you will receive the December 3rd advent gift.

My key disappeared and now I have a new one, why?
You only will ever have 1 key. If you don’t use it, unfortunately it disappears and you are given a new key. Also, you can only use your key once.

Can I open my own Holiday Chest?
Unfortunately no. You will need to find another Woozen to open your Holiday Chest.

What do I get for unlocking someone else’s Holiday Chest?
Every day it will be different. The rewards range from Beex, Wooz, Preztige and Energy.