You can be a Superstar too!
  • August 13, 2014

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Hey Woozens,

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Superstar? In your dreams, do you have that number 1 song that rocks to the top of all of the charts? Then, of course, the dream is over when you realize you don’t know how to record your tune, or really have a tune at all?

Well, many people think that it takes a lot of money or a good record deal to become a superstar, but that’s just not true! Technology makes everything so much easier these days and now you can record your #1 single in the comfort of your bedroom. But, HOW MAX? HOW?

Can’t play any instrument? That’s not a problem! YouTube is full of free tutorials! You can also try to play your tunes with any old object like in this awesome video:

If you have a good idea in your mind, don’t let it get away. Several superstars, like Justin Bieber, became famous with homemade videos posted on the Internet (look, he’s so young!).

Give me a post on my WoozIn and tell me what kind of superstar you’re dreaming of becoming! And don’t forget that anything is possible!