Yetibüx Unitz Design Contest

Hey Woozens!!

After the great success of the Bistro Café Unitz Design Contest, the Woozband decided that you Woozens deserve a second chance to promote your Café Unitz in Woozworld! Even better: you can use either your new Yetibüx furns or your Bistro Café ones!

 If you have already started building your own place, take a break and come join Jenny at the Yetibüx Cafe Grand Opening tonight at 6:00 EST (5:00 WoozTime)!

Start decorating (or redecorating!) your Café Unitz, and take the chance to be one of the owners of the TOP 5 Unitz that will be franchised in our Yetibüx Cafe! Top 5 will receive a unique Golden Yeti in a coffee mug!


The results will be announced next Friday 11, October , on the Hot Topics!


Good luck, Woozens!