Woozworld’s Next Top Model!
  • November 5, 2014

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As you know, MyaWooz and her Fashion Team work tirelessly to create new outfits for Woozworld each week. Mya always asks the Woozband to try on the new garments so she can perfect the alterations, color codes, and overall look, before finally sending each item on to the Woozworld Store. The Woozband know how important this process is, but they are getting exhausted by Mya’s perfectionism. That’s when MaxWooz had a great idea: What if Mya could find a new muse model to help her?

But with so many fabulous, stylish Woozens in Woozworld, how will Mya select her new fashion assistant? Of course, there’s only one answer:

Like any good model, your success will be based on how well you can promote yourself and your image. In order to compete to become Woozworld’s Next Top Model, you will need to complete challenges and contests, all of which will earn you FanZ based on level of difficulty. You’ll see certain fashion-related tasks begin to pop up around Woozworld. Sewing clothes, trying them on, getting your hair styled, and taking paparazzi photos will cost you energy, but your FanZ will appreciate it! Since a modern model has to cultivate his or her image via social media, starting on November 11th you’ll be able to show off your style with #selfiez Objectivz to earn FanZ. Of course, buying the latest looks from the Woozworld Store keeps your style up-to-date, and your FanZ will increase accordingly. And last but not least, participating in the Woozband’s Eventz helps publicize your name and your face, so winning any of the regular Eventz will earn you Fanz based on your performance.fanz-icon

For those “double threat” Woozens that know how to model AND design, we’ll also have a fashion-design contest. Submit either a girl or boy outfit with the correct theme for a chance to win a ton of FanZ – and have your outfit produced in Woozworld! Check out this post for more info.

On November 28th, the Woozen with the most FanZ will be named Woozworld’s Next Top Model, aka Mya’s fashion assistant. This lucky Woozen will receive:
– All the WNTM outfits for free
– One free outfit from the Woozworld Store each month for the next three months, because a model’s got to stay on top of the latest trends
– A half-hour personal meet-and-greet with Mya in the winner’s own Unitz
– A WNTM trophy
– A standing billboard in Mya’s Late Night Show, and a possible guest spot on the Show
– The achievement title “Woozworld’s Next Top Model 2014”

Of course, being Mya’s fashion assistant comes with some responsibility, too. Woozworld’s Next Top Model will model the new garments coming to the Woozworld Store each week for three months, and will promote the looks around Woozworld.

As Mya herself says, Stay stylish!

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