Woozworld’s Next Top Model 2k17

Lady Wooz

Woozworld High has been under some stress over the past few years, (especially recently, since finding out the principal was a low-key Chokolien) but that’s all about to change.

We are pleased to announce that Lady Wooz has been appointed to be your new principal! And her first order of business? Turning Woozworld High into a fashion arts school and finding the best of the best to be Woozworld’s Next Top Model.

Lady Wooz has been working as the fashion teacher at Woozworld High for many years. In fact, she taught none other than MyaWooz herself and helped her grow into a fashion icon. Now, Lady Wooz and the Woozband are hosting Woozworld’s Next Top Model to find the most stylish and talented Woozens out there.

Fashion brands will be sponsoring Woozens within the competition. Everyone will start out being sponsored by Stylz and will work their way up the ladder by clicking/tapping on WNTM objects appearing around Woozworld. The objects include sewing machines, a hairstylist and mannequins. Each object has “WNTM” above it. If you are the one to get the object, you will receive modelling experience and have a chance of getting a photoshoot to get FollowerZ. Getting the latest collections will also give you modelling experience, as models need to be up-to-date on the trends.

FollowerZ are what Lady Wooz and the Woozband are looking for. After successfully completing photoshoots, you will get FollowerZ which help you climb the leaderboard. As you become a bigger star and get better sponsors, you will get MORE FollowerZ as you complete photoshoots. A leaderboard will show the top 20 Woozens with the most FollowerZ.

In the week of September 25th, the top 10 Woozens will be asked to submit a photo to us of their BEST fashion. The photos will be posted on the WoozIN as well in a blog. The community will then vote on who they think has the best fashion. The final decision will be made by Lady Wooz and the Woozband at the WNTM Finale on WNTMSeptember 29th (find out more details about the Finale soon).

The winner of Woozworld’s Next Top Model will receive:
– All of the WNTM outfits
– One free outfit from each collection (at the choice of the Woozband) until the end of 2017
– An achievement and title
– A trophy to show off their accomplishment
– 8,000 Wooz

And they will join the new modelling team, showing off the new collections in the WoozNewZ, ShopZ categories and more!

Collect WNTM objects. Get Modelling Experience. Complete Photoshoots. Win.

Your Woozband