Woozworld’s Next Superstar: Lyrics of Love Edition!

Calling all starz-in-the-making!  It’s time to fall in love with…


We know all you woozens out there want a chance to show off your skillz, so each year we bring you the Woozworld’s Next Superstar contest.  The best of all Woozworld talent shows has always showcased performing and designing talent, but this year we’ll also be highlighting the work of all you woozen songwriters out there!

Each Woozband member will “coach” a team.

From Wednesday, June 19th, to Wednesday, June 26th, you can create and submit a photo reel music video using your favorite love song lyrics in any genre.  Maximum limit is 15 photos!

To make a photo reel music video, simply create a new Albumz and save your 12-15 music video photos into it.  When your photoreel is all ready for viewing, simply submit it using the button on the left side of your WoozIn page.

Non-VIPs can submit one photo reel, but VIPs can enter twice!

The Woozband will be reviewing all the photo reels submitted from their team members, and on Wednesday, July 3rd, each Woozband member will post their favorite photo reel on their WoozIn Wallz.

You will have the next two days to WoozUp your favorite video.  Remember, you can only WoozUp once, so be sure to choose your favorite video carefully!  On Friday, July 5th, we will hold the WNS Gala.  At the Gala, each Woozband member will screen the best video from their team. Then the video that received the most votes on the WoozIn will be crowned the ultimate winner of Woozworld’s Next Superstar: Lyrics of Love Edition!

Each woozen that participated in one the finalist videos will receive 150 Wooz. The members of the ultimate winning team, beyond the eternal fame and glory of being named Woozworld’s Next Superstars 2013, will get friendship with the entire Woozband, 350 Wooz each, and a new, exclusive Woozworld plush pillow!

We’re ready to fall in love with your talent!

Your Woozband