Woozworld Gift Card FESTIVE Update!

Hey Woozens!

You guys have been going nuts for our Woozworld gift cards at your favorite Target, Kroger and Walmart Canada and NOW Toys R Us (US only) stores!  With WoozMas quickly approaching we want to give you Woozens even more cool stuff and the chance to be extra FESTIVE!

The Woozworld gift card already gives you:

  • 1 month VIP membership
  • 10,000 Wooz
  • 1 Woopetz
  • 250 Giddy Up Spell Movez (exclusive to cards bought at Target)

And now we’re adding a free giant woozmas  head!

unnamed (2)

When you redeem your Woozworld gift card online, one random giant head will be added to your inventory. There are a total of 3 LIMITED EDITION giant WoozMas heads to collect:

Collect one or collect all 3 ! These heads are only available through gift card redemptions. The giant WOOZMAS heads are available between December 6th to January 3rd 

After New year  they will be gone!!Don’t miss your chance to be the most FESTIVE of your friends and bring on the holiday cheer!