Woozworld Fairytales

We asked you to create fairytales using Woozworld characters and the response was massive! Here are some of the best stories we received. Once upon a Wooz


   Mesmerized by srimoyee

Once upon a time, there was a princess in a faraway land, the land of The enchanted. The Princess was the most beautiful girl a man would ever desire for; she was gorgeous, mesmerizing and graceful. Everyone in her father’s kingdom loved her. Did i forget to mention that she even had a beautiful name? Only one word, five letters, which would make all the men, swoon. JENNY.

Being the most beautiful and desirable woman, she had lovers as well as haters. She had a secret enemy who worked for her! That evil girl’s name was Zeena. She had always plotted to or at least tried to cause harm to the princess but failed eventually.

It was jealousy working inside her, as the most beautiful prince, Max, had been love with jenny.

Max, the most handsome prince was mesmerized by Jenny’s beauty. He named it as, ”love in first sight.”

He would always be daydreaming about her or always telling his mates about how much beautiful Jenny was.

Max had another twin brother whose name was Zack. He was the evil twin, while Max was the better one. But both had already fallen for Jenny’s Charms and Beauty.

One day, Zeena had come up with another evil plan. She dressed up herself as an poor old woman with a basket of Roses, which contained a perfume which would make someone fall into deep sleep.

Zeena went to Princess Jenny and said, ”Oh great princess! Its a pleasure to meet you!”

Jenny smiled and replied, “You too Mrs….”

Zeena gave a chuckle in the old woman’s voice and replied, ‘‘it’s Mrs. Jacobs, but call me Brianna.”

Jenny laughed and replies, ”Sure Brianna, what brings you here?”

Zeena cleared her throat and said, ”I’m here to give you these roses, they smell like heaven! You should really try them.”

Jenny was delighted! Oh how she loved roses!

Jenny quickly took one and smelt it, which eventually caused her to fall into deep sleep due to the perfume in it.

Zeena gave an evil laugh and walked out into the dark. Now what will happen? Will Max be able to wake her up?


The locket by lovertoo

Zack quickly looked around to check that the plaza was empty. When he saw no one else around he quickly lifted to glass with ease. Zack took the silver heart locket out of his pocket. When he opened it a picture of Jenny and Zach laughing with blue icing all over their face was inside. He gently lifted her head and put the locket on her. He smiled sorrowfully at her sleeping face. Zach put the glass covering on again and ran away without a word.


Jenny looked in the mirror one last time. Mya stood next to her.

“Jenny you look beautiful! And it’s almost time.” Mya smoothed out her knee length light green dress. ” I must say I do love this dress… and yours is absolutely perfect!”

“Thanks Mya. I really do love the dress!” Jenny turned around and walked toward the coffee table. She picked up the bouquet of tiger lilies and smiled. “I’m ready Mya.”

“Good now let’s get going!”

At the alter Zack stood waiting for the music and the doors to open. Max and Jay looked over

“You alright there man?” Jay said as he put a hand on Zack’s shoulder.

“Yea just nervous.”

“No need to be Zack, everything is ok and under control.” Max told him. The music started and Max and Jay walked back over to their spots. Jay gave Zack a thumbs up and Max smiled at him. The doors opened and Zack saw Jenny walking down the aisle with her father at her side.

“Wow, she looks amazing!” Zack thought. He couldn’t help but smile at her. When she reached the alter she kissed her father on the cheek and took Zack’s hand. She felt better holding his hand. They said their vows and when the preacher said ‘you may now kiss the bride’; Zack turned to her and brought his lips to hers. It wasn’t anything amazing but it simply said three words. I love you. When they pulled apart everyone was clapping and both Jenny and Zack were smiling at each other. Mya and Zeena were blubbering while Jay and Max said made an excuse of there being something in their eyes.


     Jenny and The Frog by colours

Once upon a time in the far away land called Woozworld, a broken hearted Jenny sits in the Libstreet Park.”Why does my heart always get broken?” she asks. “Nothing ever seems to work out for me?” As she thinks about her miserable love life a frog slowly hops in front of her. “Hmm, isn’t there a story where a girl hugs a frog and it turns into a prince? No, that’s not right.. a kiss! maybe if I kiss it, he’ll turn into a prince! She bends over and gently picks up the frog. She stares at it, then leans in a gives it a kiss. Suddenly the frog disappeared and a cloud of smoke engulfs Jenny.

“Oh em gee! It worked!” She exclaims. As the smoke cleared her jaw dropped. Standing in front of her was  Goodoldwooz. “B-but how…” she says in shock.

“Finally, I’ve been hoping around for over a month now! He chuckles.

“Omg eww!” Feeling frog slime she runs over to the fountain trying to clean her mouth out. “Why did I just do that?!?” She asks in disbelief.

“Zeena really knows how to pull pranks on people, well anyways thanks! I’m off on a new adventure, cya later alligator!” Jenny watches him walk of casually.

“I always thought he was a bit strange, this just took it to a new level.” She starts walking home.

“Lesson learnt Jenny; do not get too caught up in your imagination.” Trying to erase the past events, she goes home and has a nice LONG (see what I did there -wink-) nap.


Jennyfair’s Weave  by -HeavenlyFire-

Once Upon a time there lived a lady so fair it brought jealousy to other woman, drool to boys and admiration to children. Her hair so pink it never compared to another’s, with lips to match. Skin so fair not even the sun rays could harm it. And a heart so kind it was often said she brought the birth of spring.

One day she met a handsome prince as they engaged in lovey eyes and beautiful sayings an evil queen watched from afar. As the queens jealousy grew of Jennyfair’s beauty she ordered a weave maker to destroy her pink hair and birth giving soul. When it was time the weave maker couldn’t bring himself to destroy that fabulous pink hair or the birth giving soul, and told her to run deep into the Cinnamon Apple forest.

And so did Jennyfair do, she ran scared and lost until she reached a small cottage, knocked and out came a beautiful fashion filled Woozen named Mya, Jennyfair was so intrigued she asked the fashionista to let her stay and told her of her situation. Mya accepted and was greeted by 7 dwarf Woozens: Wopey, Wneezy, Wappy, Wrumpy, Woc, Washful and Wleepy. They all wanted to protect the princess from the evil queen.

Back at the kingdom the queen learned Jennyfair was still awake by the Golden Weave Wizard, and so the queen took the appearance of another named ZeenaWooz to trick Jennyfair. After the dwarfs and the fashionista Mya left, the queen appeared, asking Jennyfair for another chance she offered her a red apple, Jennyfair being the kind hearted princess accepted the apple, as she took a bite of the apple, Jennyfair saw the apple was rotten inside then fell into a deep sleep, the evil queen had her way. But now woozens from the kingdom have all seen jenny in her deep sleep and asking who will bring enough love into her heart and wake the fair jenny from her deep slumber?


 River of Hatred by kirino-chii

In a murky forest far, far away from the kingdom of Woozworld, Zeena stared longingly at a magical castle full of Woozens, all helpful and cheerful. Zeena was jealous ’cause her mind and soul was filled with jealousy and hatred. She hated everyone, and she hated herself.

She hated herself because she was too stubborn.

Zeena was once the princess of Woozworld, until one day, she misheard Mya, Jay, Max, Jenny, and Zack’s conversation. The six of them used to be the best of friends, and Zack was Jenny’s lover. But all that ended when Zeena eavesdropped on their conversation.

Jay asked them if they knew about the story of the River of Hatred, and all them said yes except for Zack, so Jay told him the story.

The River of Hatred is somewhere deep that forest,” Jay said, pointing at the vast and murky forest outside the kingdom. Zack’s eyes widened. “They say that if you cross the river, you get everything you want, but in turn, you’ll get cursed. Your soul, your thoughts, everything will be filled with jealousy, and hatred. But to achieve this, they say that you must bring a person. But not just any person. You must bring a person you love, someone of the opposite gender. And that’s it,” Jay said.

Zack nodded and they all head back to their houses inside the village, but Zeena held back Zack. Zeena brought Zack with her to the River of Hatred, and they crossed the river. Zeena wished for Jenny and Zack to fall apart, while Zack wished for power. Zack’s wish came true when he and Jenny’s relationship fell apart and he got married to Zeena.

Under Zeena and Zack’s control, a gray cloud of hatred covered the whole of Woozworld, and Jenny had to sacrifice herself to clear the clouds. This brought back Zack’s true self, so he swallowed his pride and did the right thing.

Zack saved Jenny under a Max mask.

Zack was happy again, the Woozband is back, Jenny and Max is back, but Zeena is still there.

Zeena is still waiting…


Destiny228_faceRose Wood Gardens by Destiny228

Zack’s glistening silver sword shined in the summer heat as he sliced through the pesky green shrubbery, thorns narrowly skimming his pale skin and leaving furious red scratch marks.

The sound of metal meeting thorns rang throughout the musky air as Zack continued to trek through the verdant woodlands, his worn brown boots gliding easily through the dry mud.
Zack was met with large, tall, wooden arch way which had twisting vines all around it. There were bright scarlet roses dotted all over the vines, their bright colours contrasting with the dull green of the vines. There were also large green bushes either side of the arch which seemed to stretch for miles and miles.
When Zack looked up he noticed a timbered sign which had elaborate handwriting carved into it. He raised his hand shielding his eyes from the sunlight and squinted to read what the sign said.
It read:
Rose Wood Gardens.
Zack snorted at the slightly appropriate name and stepped inside.
What he saw before him had him in awe.
In front of his very eyes was the most beautiful and exquisite garden he had ever laid his eyes on. Not that he had seen such a garden like this before, but still, it was beautiful.
The luscious green grass spread for acres, covering mounds of small hills. There were numerous amounts of flowers of every type and colour enveloping the grassy surface. The plants were attracting variegated butterflies who were hopping from one flower to another sucking up the delicious nectar.
Creepy crawlies also roamed around but Zack kept his distance as he wasn’t a big fan of those, although the ladybirds scuttling around did look kind of harmless.
Kind of…
Ponds were scattered around at various points of the garden and their pellucid water glistened in the hot heat. The occasional sound could be heard from these ponds as the wildlife which inhabited them was alive in the summery weather.
But what really caught Zack’s attention was the centrepiece.
Well it wouldn’t really be considered a centrepiece as it was just a tall, dilapidated tower which had some bricks missing in certain places.
Zack had the sudden urge to explore further but he knew he should keep away from the crumbling tower.
But Zack loved to explore, and exploring he would do!
He heaved in a heavy breath and began to trudge up towards the wooden door which barricaded the cruel world away from the treasure that was inside.
Zack pushed open the heavy door, surprised that it wasn’t locked. He entered the room and it was relatively dark and he couldn’t see a thing. The room smelt dusty and old like it hadn’t been occupied for years.
Zack couldn’t see a thing, so he stretched his arms out looking for a source of light but couldn’t find one. Whilst wondering around he bumped into something cold and glassy, as soon as his body touched this mysterious object a light shone down onto him and whatever was in front of him.
It was a girl.
A girl trapped inside a glass encasement which was blanketed in thorns and roses.
This girl was sleeping.
She had pink coloured hair and was wearing a long green dress and shoes with a green choker necklace around her neck
Zack narrowed his eyebrows and looked at the girl and began laughing at the whole situation.
Why was she sleeping in a glass case? Couldn’t she have chosen more appropriate place to rest? Zack quieted his laughing and began to look around at his surroundings.
A stairwell which looked unsafe to use…
A suspicious chest at the side of the room…
A key…
There was a large golden key placed on top of the case. It had an intricate pattern embeded into it and it shined in the dull light. Zack picked it up. He guessed the key was to be used to the open the case.
Zack placed the key in the lock and began to turn it. There was a loud “click” sound and the top of the case sprang open. But instead of the glass top to stop moving, it fell to the floor with a loud crash, shattering into thousands of tiny pieces.
Zack jumped in fright at the loud noise, he wasn’t expecting that to happen.
But something scared him even more.
The mysterious girl’s eyes were open and they were looking right at him.
They were a glassy emerald colour and they held no emotion. She was unmoving and didn’t make any attempt to talk to Zack.
Zack turned to around and began to run towards the door but he tripped over his own two feet, and fell onto the hard cold floor, banging is head on impact.
He was slowly losing consciousness.
The last thing he saw before he passed out was the girl standing before him smiling kindly at him.
Then everything went black.
Zack woke up in his bed, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.
 “Yo Zack bruh stop screaming, I’m trying to sleep,” Jay shouted from another room.