WoozWeekly: Ship of the Week #5
  • November 27, 2015

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f1e3edb062bb39561d12591ce4fc2053david140 and Savbear04 (or Saige, as David calls her) knew they had a connection from the moment they started chatting in Woozen Quests. “It was love at first chat,” says David, smiling at the thought of young love. They didn’t tell each other their true feelings right off the bat, though. Saige wouldn’t reveal her feelings toward David until after he took a short break from Woozworld. “I was heartbroken,” says Saige of the moment she heard David would be leaving Woozworld, “because that was right after I started to have a crush on him.” Their relationship became stronger once David returned to Woozworld and Saige felt it was the right time to tell him. The two have been together since November 11th.

You can find this loved-up couple just at just about any Woozband event these days, from MaxWooz‘s Game Show to JayWooz‘s Freestyle Cafe. This is a couple who likes to be seen. They don’t just attend for show, though; my sources tell me that Saige was a runner-up at both MyaWooz‘s Star of the Week and Jay‘s VIP Thanksgiving Freestyle Cafe this week. Clearly, their love is strong.


[Woozarazzi’s Note: If you and your boo want to be featured in Wooz Weekly’s Ship of the Week,  you can write to me, but you’d better be sure to attend lots of events together and, of course, remember to take lots of selfies!]