WoozWeekly: Ship of the Week #10
  • January 11, 2016

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1c96289621374a2764a6da9f1d5fb529You have no doubt heard that kristi-sweet-boy and hiamlove187 are an item, but do you know how it all began? The two met through a mutual friend and one fine day, while waiting for an event to start, Kristi decided to message Hammy. They became fast friends and after growing their friendship, Kristi realized he had feelings for his sweetheart and asked her to be his girlfriend at JennyWooz‘s Chat Room. It wasn’t so simple, though; Hammy feared that a romantic relationship would hurt their friendship and she needed to think about it. Eventually, she decided she could no longer hold her feelings in, threw caution to the wind and accepted Kristi’s brave proposal.

You can almost always find these two at MyaWooz‘s stylish Star of the Week and MaxWooz‘s fun Game Show and Map Game these days. They love attending Woozband events, but also enjoy hanging out at Woozen Quests with their friends. When asked about Hammy, Kristi describes her lovingly as a “lovely angel.” The affection doesn’t stop there though, folks! Hammy refers to Kristi as a “loyal, charming and incredibly sweet cutie pie!” This is a couple who is truly devoted to one another.


[Woozarazzi’s Note: If you and your boo want to be featured in Wooz Weekly’s Ship of the Week,  you can write to me, but you’d better be sure to attend lots of events together and, of course, remember to take lots of selfies!]