Wooztube Horror Shorts Contest

Hi Woozens!

Halloween is right around the corner; to celebrate your creativity we’ve decided to make the very first Wooztube video Contest! Yes this is your chance to show off your skills as a director! Think you can create your very own horror movie Woozens!?  Let us find out by participating! Entering is easy as eating candy!

Invite some Woozactor friends to play roles in your Horror movie, and then ask them to read your script. Film and edit your movie before submitting it to us via Wooztube!

1- Go to my videos


2- Click on Submit your video button to enter your masterpiece


See the rules below!

  • Create a short Horror movie that’ll be a minimum of 30 seconds length and must last no longer than 3 minutes.

  • The video can have from 1 to 5 WoozActorz, including you

  • Submissions will  open on October 21st  ,2013 and close on October 27th,2013!

  • The video must be filmed ALL in game.

  • No voices or real faces are permitted in the movie.

  • The movie must follow Woozworld’s code of conduct.(No bad language,bullying,)

If the movie does not respect the contest rules it won’t be eligible to win.

Remember that originality and creativity will make you stand out from the rest! We want to remind you woozens that this is a director contest.

We will take in consideration that the Woozen who submitted the videos is the Director! The Winning Director will receive

  •  A customised Star
  •  The Best Wooztube Director Achievement
  • A giant trophy
  • A large assortment of spooky spellz

Don’t worry directors we haven’t forgotten your co-stars! For helping you with your movie premier, they’ll receive some goodies too! Runner- ups will also receive the same kind of treat!

Oh did we mention!? The winning movie will be streamed live at the masquerade Ball on november first!

If you’re not sure what program to use to make your video you can visit :

 Lights… camera… action! Good luck!

Your Woozband