Woozband involved in plane crash!
  • September 16, 2013

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Attention, attention, two of our beloved WoozBand members went missing after a plane crash: MaxWooz and MyaWooz.

The events took place in the night of Sunday the 15 to Monday the 16 of September, when the airplane carrying Mya, Jay, Jenny and Max, accompanied by ZeenaWooz (last seen at last week’s Pajama Party) was approaching the coast of Bali,Indonesia.
The incident occurred a few minutes before landing.

Jenny, Jay and Zeena are well and are currently being transported to a villa in which they’ll be able to recover from all their emotions.

Mya and Max are still missing, probably lost in the dense jungle on this mysterious island… According to the rescued passengers, a mysterious shadow (maybe smoke ? Maybe a ghost ?) scared our friends away, appearing from time to time, especially when Woozens are alone. A search team is actively looking for the missing passengers.

What is going to happen? Where are Mya and Max? …

More info as soon as we get some. Follow everything on the blog or even on the WoozIn.