A Sequined Surprise!
  • May 31, 2013

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Attention all Woozens!

You saw it here first!  As your intrepid reporter, I have been searching and searching for new inside scoops to bring you – and my hard work has finally paid off!

After days of sneaking around the Woozworld offices, I finally managed to snag a picture of some upcoming outfits!


This level of glitter & glamour can only mean one thing….


You know what that means, Woozens!  The party of the year will soon be here!

A top-level insider from Woozworld’s Fashion Team confirmed in an exclusive interview that the sparkling dress shown here is intended for Prom 2013.

Mya’s really outdone herself with this collection!” the insider gushes.  “As you can see, her talent is incredible!”

BUT our exclusive insider wouldn’t give us any more details!  The theme, the location – it’s all a mystery!

Of course, that doesn’t stop your dedicated reporter from figuring out what’s on Mya’s mind!  We’re thinking Woozworld’s resident fashion queen might have a little more than style in her sights.  We know that birds puff up their fanciest feathers to attract a mate… could Mya be using sparkles to attract a date??!

Our insider seems to agree!  “Honestly, I’ve never seen Mya put so much effort into a collection, not even for her birthday.  I think she’s hoping something special will be happening with these clothes.  Love is in the air!”

Could it be?  Wait and see!

Your shimmer-seeker,