Xzibit’s WoozRides

Hey Woozens!

mya's carBack in January, our pal Xzibit surprised Mya for her birthday with a sweet new ride he had totally Woozed out! We know you Woozens have been wanting your own Woozed out ridez, so we’re happy to announce…

Xzibit’s WoozRides!


WoozRides start out as a run down, beat up car.  The Rides will be in poor condition… missing wheels, broken windows. Basically, you won’t wanna be caught in them. But you can Wooz your Ride out!  When you click on your Ride a memory game pops up.  The better you do, the faster you jazz up your ride!  In the end, you will get an awesome WoozRide in your inventory that you can color however you want!

There are three different types of WoozRides: The Lil Looper, the Columbuz & the Stomerz.  WoozRides are available in Shopz for Beex and Wooz, plus an exclusive little number for VIPs only.  (Plus, keep an eye out for more collections coming out this summer!)

And if that’s not enough for you, Xzibit has a little competition going on too!  The Woozen that completes the most WoozRides will get a personal surprise, 100% custom! 😉

Now, let’s get those Rides Woozed out!

Your Woozband