WoozRadio is HERE!
  • August 11, 2014

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Hey there Woozens!!

Have you noticed the COOL, *NEW* feature that has popped up in Woozworld!? Now, you’ll have the chance to access music on Woozworld! That’s right!! Listen to your favorite songs, while playing Woozworld, with WoozRadio!

RADIOSubscribe to WoozRadio, to be able to access streaming music, top chart songs, and amazing artists! You can pick your favorite music from dozens of  playlists. From Justin Bieber to Lorde! WoozRadio offers music for every type of taste.

We’re now offering a 30 day free TRIAL for you to explore and enjoy the WoozRadio experience! By subscribing to WoozRadio you’ll have a world of music at your fingertips. A monthly subscription to WoozRadio costs only 2.99$!And for our music buffs out there, we are offering a yearly subscription for only 24.99$! WoozRadio is currently only available for US residents playing online.

Wondering how to start enjoying the sweet sounds of music right now!? EASY! Look on the top of your screen, next to the News button and WR imageclick! A window will open; from there you’ll get direct access to Streaming Music and hours of entertainment!


Want to share your WoozRadio experience? Go to our WoozRadio Lounge, in game, and find other music lovers and new friends! That’s not all; keep an eye open for upcoming contests and eventz. For additional information click on the podz inside the WoozRadio Lounge Unitz.

Listen your Way today and get ready for true audio indulgence!


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