WoozPaper Vol. 210

Happy to be back, Woozens! B)

What’s Happening:


There are new events this week (and next week, too)!




Star of the Week: Last week, Mya asked you to mix the Store outfits with items from the Spring Break Category of ShopZ and she loved your spring-y looks! The one that stood out in particular, though, was -XiaXa-‘s bright ensemble! Congratulations to her.



This past week, Mya asked you all to create a fun look mixing the new Store outifts with items from Jay’s line, AlphaZ, available in ShopZ. She had a feeling these items would mix well and she was not disappointed! Congratulations to our newest Star of the Week, Anahi480!

Sun’s Out, Puns Out Selfie Contest: Find the full list of Sun Selfie winners here!

From the Woozband:

… Where is the Woozband? I haven’t seen or heard from them since St. Patrick’s Day (except for 1 post from Jenny that was mysteriously removed). Does anyone know what’s going on?

Fansite Articles:

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Woozen Articles:

New Restaurant by Heatherx

Today, I am writing about a restaurant. A restaurant that has never been seen BEFORE….!

Hello everyone! It’s Heatherx writing!  And today, I want to help the owner of “Restaurant Scary” by telling you all about it! It is a great place to just get a quick bite to eat or even read the newspaper! It’s an amazing place that everyone should see! Sure, it’s a little out of shape now, but soon, EVERYONE would wanna go there! So, I suggest you go there right now!

This was Heatherx, running out of ink! See you next time!

We’re happy to be back!

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