WoozPaper Vol. 209

Happy Thursday, Woozens! B)

What’s Happening:


*Woozarazzi will be on the hunt for the latest styles this afternoon! Remember to dress to impress!



Zonya’s winning look


Star of the Week: This week, Mya asked you to mix the new Store styles with items from the WoozcarZ category of ShopZ to create a glam look! Mya loved your fab mixes, but one stood out in particular. Congratulations to Zonya! As Mya said, “Who knew a suit could look so glam?!” Good job, Zonya!

Kitchen Unitz Contest: Jenny loved the kitchens you designed! She had no idea how many chefs were in her midst. Check out the full list of winners here!

From the Woozband:

Mya’s Mixes


Mix 1: The new MesmerizeSpring and AstonishSpring outfits work so well together! Here, I paired the AstonishSpring Hair and Wedges with the MesmerizeSpring Tank and Skirt. I think it’s a fun look that can easily transition from day to night!

Mix 2: Here, I chose the MesmerizeSpring Hair and Skirt with the AstonishSpring Top and Wedges. This is a fun beachy look, perfect for a day of chilling at the beach with friends!

Mix 3: With this mix, I decided to try something different! I’ve mixed the InspireSpring Hair, MesmerizeSpring Tank and the AstonishSpring Pants and Wedges to create a cute, classy look. I find the AstonishSpring Pants really add a touch of classy to a lot of outfits because of their soft, silky look.

StreetZ StyleZ:



Strawberries is looking lovely in her mix of Nua Top-knot, Freckles Tattoo*, Casumas Coat*, White Phone and Patched Karefree Jeans and InstinctuChill Wedges.

Looking great!

*Currently available in ShopZ!

Fansite Articles:

We’re currently looking to feature new Woozworld-based websites! Do you have one that you’re proud of? Submit it (and read about what we’re looking for) in the BLUE Podz in the WoozNews HQ Unitz.

Woozen Articles:

Where are the cupcakes at? by tannyskyebear

Jenny has recently opened a new restaurant which is great :3 But where are the cupcakes at? I just wanna know where the cupcakes are at. I enjoy how you can actually act like you’re a cook, hostess, waitress there, but you have to complete a task . First it was AlphaZ by Jay, now it’s Jenny’s Restaurant. What’s next? Mya’s makeup store (I would go to that!)?  Also congrats to everyone who won the recipe contest :)

We’re happy to be back!

Remember, you can give us your feedback at the WoozNews HQ in the GREEN Podz! Have a great week! – LilyWooz