WoozPaper Vol. 208

Happy Friday, Woozens! B)

What’s Happening:


The Oscar’s Quiz will be opening on Monday morning!





Star of the Week: This week, Mya asked Woozens to create a cute, casual look using a mix of the outfits from Store with items from the Valentine’s category of ShopZ. She loved your looks, but, as always, one stood out in particular! Congratulations to DangerousVibes, the newest Star of the Week! As Mya said, he “created a perfect casual look and [his] cc goes very well with it!” Way to go, Dangerous!

Restaurant Unitz Design Contest: Jenny enlisted Jay to help her choose the winning Restaurant Unitz and, they have to say, it wasn’t an easy decision. Jenny had no idea there were so many potential restaurant managers in Woozworld! Though they picked a lot of winning Unitz (which you can check out here), here is their top 3! Congratulations to all of the winners!

3. HiddenDesire


2. MarlenaM


1. Hypersomnia


StreetZ StyleZ:



Fashiongirlgee is looking great in her mix of Chocolate Bar SymbZ*, FeBrilliant Hair, Doll Face, Arabesque Tattoo*, WNS Pop Tube Top, Red and Black Heart Bracelets, Augustine Skirt and Wrap-around Mythique Heels.

Looking good!

*Currently available in ShopZ!

Fansite Articles:

We’re currently looking to feature new Woozworld-based websites! Do you have one that you’re proud of? Submit it (and read about what we’re looking for) in the BLUE Podz in the WoozNews HQ Unitz.

Woozen Articles:

What To Do If You’re Bored by rinatoart

There have been a lot of things in Woozworld but what about what to do when you’re bored? If you have nothing to do in Woozworld, well, I have the scoop!
1. Shopping. Showing people your expression is a really big deal. Show your style, but how can you do that if you have no clothes? What happens if you don’t have Beex or Wooz? Well, for Beex you can always do some activities,vote other Woozens or sell your clothes, etc. For Wooz, you can watch advertisements. They may be boring but it will pay off.
2. Being with your friends. Being with your best friends will help your self esteem and also make you be social.
3. Go to color games, kissing games and theme games. They also help with social life and also with some games you have a chance of winning a prize.
4. Making a new Unitz. Yes, you never know what it could do. Do you know that most Woozens get in a new Unitz every minute? Make a new Unitz.
And last but not least 5. Try to do new things in Woozworld. Help out a Woozen. Being kind is the best way for someone to remember you.
Well that’s all. Peace, love and happiness. Stay safe!
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Remember, you can give us your feedback at the WoozNews HQ in the GREEN Podz! Have a great week! – LilyWooz