WoozPaper Vol. 197

Happy Friday Woozens!

The last two weeks have flown by in Woozworld! The winner of Mya and Jay‘s Fashion Face-Off has yet to be announced… But I hear the announcement is coming soon! Who do you think it will be?

The theme of Prom 2k16 has been announced: Under the Sea! Such a fun, classic theme! Pre-prom outfits are already in Store… Make sure to get yours so you’re ahead of the crowd!

Today’s Events

Mya’s Late Night Show at 4PM WT – Don’t miss it!

Reminder: It’s your last weekend to enter the Prom Outfit Design Contest!

Contest Winners

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.46.09 PM

Liely’s winning look


EpicNoor2436’s winning mix

Last week at Star of the Week, Mya asked contestants to mix n’ match items from the Store and the “Limited Time” items that were in Shopz. She loved how imaginative Woozens were with the theme! Winner Liely‘s outfit, however, definitely stood out the most for Mya! “Liely always has such a cute colour code,” Mya said when reached for comment, “And this look really showed it off! Well-deserved!” Way to go, Liely!

This week, Mya did Star of the Week a little differently! In an effort to reach more Woozens, Mya launched a Star of the Week Submission Podz, which was open all weekend, where Woozens could submit their stylish selfies to be judged! By all accounts it was a success! Woozens had to mix n’ match the latest Woozen-designed outfits to be considered for Star. Mya loved being able to see so many different Woozen styles, but winner EpicNoor2436‘s style really stood out! “Epic has suuuch a cool, unique colour code,” says Mya of the latest winner, “Her mix-n-match really showed off her fun-loving side!” Congrats, Epic!


chofisbff’s winning selfie

Last weekend, the Woozband held a Selfie Contest where Woozens had to rock an outfit from the “Limited Time” category of Shopz! They loved the creativity they saw! Congratulations are owed to 5th place winner  x-unknown-x, 4th place winner -Raiden-, 3rd place winner Avigailrap, 2nd place winner iiUnAmused and 1st winner chofisbff! Well done, guys!

Congratulations to all of our contest winners!

Articles from Woozens

A New Way to be a Star by Sparklesaky

Hey Woozens <3, Greetings! For all you who didn’t know, MyaWooz has now started a new way to select the Star of the Week. Instead of waiting in the WNTM Runway Unitz for hours or waiting in the queue for hours and not even getting a chance to show off on that runway, Mya has decided for us Woozens to take pictures in your new outfit from Store. This way is fair for all Woozens to have a chance. To do this, take a picture in your new outfit (remember you can mix and match!) and upload it on the podz in the WNTM Runway Units before the Star of the Week Eventz start. The Woozen-designed outfits in store are amazing! I love the Myasterious hair; it’s so unique and wild! And I love of the idea of headphones on the Jayded top :) Good luck to all you Woozens and have fun!

Opinions VS Bullying by CosmicThunder
Every Woozen has their own thoughts about things (outfits, Unitz, etc.) You are free to express how you feel to anyone. You do have a voice. However, sometimes Woozens mix up expressing an opinion with bullying. Expressing your thoughts or ideas doesn’t mean you can insult, humiliate, shame, or be rude to anyone. There are ways to show your feelings about a situation or thing in a respectful manner. Being hurtful and saying it’s an opinion is not acceptable.

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