WoozPaper Vol. 174

Happy Friday Woozens!

Or should I say, Happy Friday the 13th! Don’t fear though; there are nothing but good vibes in Woozworld! This week has been a blur of Dyztopia madness! From stories, to photos, to Untiz, it seems that everything has been Dyztopia-themed and we’re not complaining! It’s not over yet though; JayWooz decided to extend the Dyztopia Unitz Design Contest until Monday! You can submit your Unitz either at Dyztopia HQ or at iDesignz. Oh, and don’t forget to check out MyaWooz‘s Late Night Show today at 4PM WT to get a recap of the week as well as the scoop for upcoming events!

Contest Winners

11w2_sotw_en_ollie93The Star of the Week contest has now moved from Saturdays to Mondays. This week, Ollie93 wowed the crowd with his new coffee-hued color code. “Of course, I was sad to see the purple go,” sniffed fashion queen MyaWooz. “But as I always say, fashion is about taking stylistic risks! And in Ollie’s case, this new neutral tone and blonde hair really paid off. He looks fresh fall fabulous!” Look out for a new trendsetter every Monday at the WNTM Runway!

The week started off with a dark Dyztopia Photo Contest and Woozens embraced it whole-heartedly! Congratulations are owed to mayab322 for 1st place, david541i for 2nd, fashionesta220 for 3rd, 10cece10 for 4th and DashinDylan for 5th! These guys definitely have some real photog skills. Be sure to check out their photos on JennyWooz‘s Wallz!

Of course, the other big contest of the week was the Dyztopia Story Contest! Woozens worked together beautifully to create two daring Dyztopian stories! The writers of Story #1 are CrystalJadexElliot911SwagRigatoni and blondie1999. They worked together to create a spellbinding tale taking place in our very own Woozworld. Great job, guys! The writers of Story #2 are cherrybob2000RosetteisawesomeFifiwowSierraTooCool and Kaity20. This grouped managed to tell a most thrilling story about a mysterious little girl. Awesome work, gang!

Congratulations to all of this weeks winners!


Articles from Woozens

Places To Hang Around With Your Friends by fikro
There are thousands of Unitz around Woozworld you can enjoy being in with your friends and I will name some of them:
1.Woozen Quests is popular place to hand around. Woozens who visit this place are mostly rich and vips, but everyone is welcomed!
2.Central Plaza is a wonderfully-designed place you can enjoy with your friends and you can even check the leaderboard!
3. Mya’s Late Night Show is a fabulous place where you can spend time with your friends. This unitz was recently put in “Featured” and it became extremely popular for visiting. If you come on Friday, you can even see MyaWooz in this unit.
If you’re not fond of these Unitz, you can always create a Unitz for you and your friends! Be creative and make a Unitz that all of your friends will enjoy!

Be Yourself! by whightashes
As the fashionista I am, I happen to change a lot around Woozworld. I may be in a Woozen-filled Unitz changing and someone will walk up to me and call me an “Attention Seeker”. And I’m like, “Huh?” And they start to blabber about how I’m looking for attention because I’m changing all the time. I just want to let others know that I am not changing for attention; I am looking for outfits to put together. Design your own outfits guys. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you if you already know what you’re doing. Continue on doing what you love, and be who you are. I’m the change-a-roony. C: xxx -Ashy

How To Win Star of The Week by -KatieKat-

How to win Star of The Week:

There are many ways on how to win SOTW but here are some main reasons:

  1. Be sure to make it in the Unitz! It gets full in a minute!
  2. Wear some pieces of the new outfit of the week
  3. Mix and match new and old outfits or mix match the week’s new outfits
  4. Make your outfit unique! Have a great color code

Even though I haven’t won SOTW I’ll keep trying 😀

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Fansite Corner

Ever thought about opening your own Woozworld shop? Unsure of how to get started? This great article by pjacksonlove on Woozworld Craze might just help you out!



Until next Friday!