WoozPaper Vol. 171

Happy Friday Woozens!

Leading up the Halloween, there have been quite a lot of spooky, scary surprises – and costumes galore. What will you dress up as for a the big All-Hallows Eve bash next week?

In a month full of contests, this week saw the beginning of the biggest battle thus far: Ghoul-o-ween! A centuries-long battle between mischievous goblins, wise mummies, fabulous vampires and fearsome Franks for the control of Cortoza has now dragged us all into the fray, with all you Woozens able to join one monstrous team and decide who stays, and who crumbles away :O Which ghoul has your support?

Contest Winners

Three major Halloween-themed contests ended last week. On Thursday, JayWooz and JennyWooz hosted a Cemetery Party to celebrate their team’s victory after a weeklong contest between ghosts and zombiz. Good job saving your fellow phantoms, ghost team!

The very next day, MyaWooz and MaxWooz visited the mysterious hallways and fright-filled rooms of Woozworld’s new Haunted House, created by chichick, Napouli, PeaceTeam, PeanutKiss, and XxBabyMama. Congrats to these ladies, and a big thanks to everyone that submitted spooky, scary, creepy, crawly, linked-up Unitz! As Jay said when reached for comment, “We were super impressed by everyone’s designing skillz. Look out for more group iDesignz contests coming up!” (You heard it here first, folks!)

Last but not least in the world of Halloween competitions, we have some very spooky storytellers in Woozworld! Read their work in this CreepyPazta post.

10w3_en_sotw_brucecadezAt the Star of the Week show on Saturday, Mya asked contestants to spook the crowd with their favorite Halloween costume. “BruceCadeZ totally challenged our preconceived notions of what makes a good Halloween costume,” gushed Woozworld’s lead fashionista when reached for comment. “Pastel pink wouldn’t have been my first thought when asked for a scary costume color, but he totally made it work! I mean, you can’t go wrong with a cape for Halloween. It instantly adds drama to any outfit! And the mask finished things off with just the right hint of menace.” Great job, Bruce!

This week, JennyWooz announced two winners for her Ghosts vs. Zombiz Video Challenge! While ghosts may have won the overall contest, zombiz certainly dominated the box office this week.
xElliot told the story of a doctor’s experiment gone horribly wrong
red742 spooked us with a creepy campfire story
Last weekend, we asked you to show us your favorite Woozworld Halloween costume, for the chance to win a coveted Esqueleta face or hairstyle. We received a flood of creative, kooky, crazy costumes!
The runners-up received Esqueleta hairstyles:

esq_contest_en_DevVoodoo-BlueCrystals- as a masquerade queen, Hazelisthename the fortune teller, katyperrysawga as the world’s worst nurse, JennaCookie as a zombie, jollyavatar21 as an egg (so scary!), zombified Nikolai15, Dr. pastelpoprocks, xElliot as the ghost prince, princess zombie XxSilverwingsxX, and yazziebabbi as a creepy doll.
And two freakily fabulous photo winners, candy-fiend DevVoodoo & zombie leader -Radarpinky-, earned Esqueleta faces!

Congrats to all the contest champions!

Articles from Woozens

Ghoul-o-ween by googigi2138
WHY am I turning into these monsters? Woozworld is having fun with Halloween this year! There are orange boxes in every ghoul’s HQ; if you click them you turn into the monster you chose. You can then infect as many people as you want! So, beware beware beware! Get your ghoul on!!!!!


Ghoul-o-ween How-to by fairview1
Are you wondering what Ghoul-o-ween is? Or maybe you already know? Nonetheless, GHOUL-O-WEEN is what I’ll be talking about today whether you know or don’t know about it. What is Ghoul-o-ween?: It’s an event taking place in Woozworld based on Halloween (the word is made of the words; Ghoul and Halloween combined, if you didn’t realize.) There are 4 teams you can choose from to join for this event but remember, you can only choose one.
HOW TO CHOOSE A TEAM: To choose your team, search up the name of the team you want to join in Unitz Search. Example: Mummy Ghoul HQ
HOW TO INFECT: After you’ve chosen a team (by clicking on the orange chest in the right HQ), you’ll receive a SymbZ. When you want to infect any woozens that aren’t already infected,
1. Put on your Symbz
2. Click the symbol at the bottom left and click activate. After you click activate, all non-infected woozens will turn and after 7 minutes, you can repeat.
HOW TO AVOID BEING INFECTED: There are two ways to avoid being infected (you can still be infected but not as easily)
1. Buy/go to a safehouse
To buy, go to Shopz and find any unitz with the word ‘safehouse’ in its name. If you don’t have enough wooz to buy, search up ‘safehouse’ in unit search and as long as you’re in the safehouse, you cannot be infected.
*As soon as you leave the safehouse, you can be infected by other woozens.
2. Buy a protection hairstyle (also available in Shopz.)
*As soon as you take the hairstyle off, you can be infected by other woozens.
HOW TO NEVER BE INFECTED: If you just don’t want to be infected and look normal (you might miss out on all the fun though), just buy the anti-ghoul potion from Woozworld Store for $1.99 😀
WHAT DOES THE WINNER GET? The winning team who transforms the most woozens, will receive a special prize! This has been Fairview1 (All Things Woozworld)

Halloween! by JasmineKitty
Halloween is just around the corner, and that means major Woozworld events! We have frightfully (pun intended) good offeres in store for the Halloween selection, including Halloween costumes! My personal friend, who has decided not to be named, has given me intel on the clothes she has decided to wear. “As a cat lover, seeing a cat costume has thrilled me more than the ‘Thriller’ music video. I am undoubtedly pleased,” the anonomous kitty-freak told us. I mean, who could blame her?
We don’t just have Halloween costumes, we have Halloween decor as well. Who wants a costume when you can’t show it off at parties? Woozworld staff have it covered! Throwing parties couldn’t be easier, and it couldn’t be any more fun! As a Woozworld citizen myself, I would love to be able to attend a party wearing my fancy get-up.
And let’s not forget, when you’re wearing a cute costume, people want to click on your profile. Well guess what? You can have a Halloween WoozIn too!
With all of this horrificly perfect Halloween themed things, you are assured to have a spooktacular time here in Woozworld.

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Fansite Corner

We’re a little late to the party, but we absolutely adore loveandy‘s tips for Digital Citizenship Week on Woozworld Spies!



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