WoozPaper vol. 170

Happy Friday Woozens!

Have you joined a Wzw High clique? If you have, you’ll receive a Wooz-filled locker from another clique each day. Find someone from that clique to open it, and you’ll both make some money! B)

Contest Winners

09w1_sotw_en_SierraTooCoolAt the Star of the Week show on Saturday, we celebrated the end of WNS 2015 by wearing star-worthy outfits in pink! “The Woozens brought out such a variety of shades and tones!” MyaWooz exclaimed  when reached for comment. “We saw excellent use of berry pink, pastel pink, hot pink… But even amongst all that style, this glittering glamazon stood out from the crowd! SierraTooCool xx” (BTW, you can read an interview with the Star by her boyfriend Itching on SocialWooz, or a less-romantic-but-still-amazing piece by julietrainbow23 on Woozapalooza101!)

This week, JennyWooz announced the winners of her Lib Street vs. EVIL Video Challenge! While sadly there weren’t as many entries as usual this time, there were of course some super videos in the bunch:
blondie1999 aka NeuroGirl and Blondey–yke aka PinkFury fight in Lib Street’s Park!
jennayellow stars as a purple-haired crimefighter!
rebecca-angel and -East- star are best friends – and superhero rivals!
Rhodolite is fashionista… and a gummi hero!

Congrats to all the contest winners!

Articles from Woozens

Back 2 School by Rhodolite
Summer is over, while school is coming over. Over-over-over, hearing the words over have different meanings and emotions, just like in school, we have different interpretation and have different emotions this coming school day. This can be a time of great excitement or facing you fears. Meeting the new teachers and classmates is such fun and amazing. For kids, one of the biggest back-to-school fears is “Will I like my new teacher?” Like, Yes or No or like conditions in mind are hanging up. What ever this condition be, just have fun in school, just like you’re having fun this summer xx

Newbie Report by Swagify
As of today, my first day I joined Woozworld started off great! I think this game will be cool for new and old users; it’s nice that it’s on mobile now too, that’s what I use :3 Moving on I wanted to write this to share my thoughts about places I have visited. There are some real neat ones and AMAZING ONES!!! I just love this game (and if you’re reading this thanks for your time reading my report. I know this isn’t really newsworthy, I am just amazed I will continue to write more in the future). I like the Anti-bully HQ and the News HQ. I’m sure I will share love, tears, joy, hate, etc., with this game; don’t we all at some point :S I really just want to say thanks to the readers for taking time out of their busy lives to read what I have got to say, I must admit this is really neat! This is your mate ~ Swagify signing off!

Style Section: Back-to-school Trends by VirtualAthilah
With school just around the corner, everyone wants to look the most stylish when they get back. Here’s some fashion tips for a sweet style that will WOW the crowd.
For a casual look, a nice set of jeans with a graphic tee and a plaid button up over it, topped up with some awesome new sneakers.
For a more preppy look, (for the females) a cute, short skirt with a tucked-in button-up shirt with a blazer sitting on top, matched up with a side bag or (for the males) smart, knee-length shorts with a tucked-in button-up shirt and a stylish tie.
For a sporty look, who said joggers were only meant for home? Throw on your joggers, with a sweatshirt or hoodie, some snazzy kicks and you’re on the run. (Great outfit in case you want to run away from school 😉 Jokes, jokes. Stay in school xx)
Hope my outfit ideas helped you looked stylish on your first day ! 😀 Enjoy and try to have fun. Ciao, dolls x

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Fansite Corner

Remember way back at the beginning of August, when our Star of the Week SierraTooCool and her fashionisto fiancé Itching helped us all write end-of-summer bucket lists? With the school year upon us, it’s time to check up on their progress on Woozworld Spies and evaluate your own!



Until next Friday!