WoozPaper vol. 169

Happy Friday Woozens!

And happy September (and Beyoncé’s birthday .0.)! I’m sure you’ve seen the school hallways popping up in Woozworld. You can join your favorite group, but keep in mind that you’ll have to work together next week if you want to earn Wooz! The WoozPaper will keep you up-to-date as more details come in B)

Contest Winners

en_stow_vampirelover151As you may know, September’s birthstone is the lovely sapphire. At the Star of the Week show on Sunday, MyaWooz asked you to wear your best WNS outfits in this dark-violet-blue hue. “Sapphire is an insanely gorgeous color, so deep and rich,” gushed Woozworld’s fashion queen. “Everyone wore it so well! As you can see, vampirelover151 pairs the sapphire jewel-tone jacket and heels with dark skirt and leggings and a perfectly imperfect casual hairstyle for a look that’s at once sophisticated and edgy. Oh and totally fabulous xx” (BTW, you can read SierraTooCool‘s interview with a vampire Star on Woozworld Spies!)

This week, JayWooz asked you to punkify your room for back-to-school, using furniture from the Z-Punkette Collection! There were a lot of great entries, but here are his top picks:
– an Honorable Mention goes to xElliot for his great use of FrameZ!
– an Honorable Mention also awarded to VirtualAthilah for her Z-Punkette poem:

Red, black and white
Punk, WNS, this room is such a sight !
Back to school, it’s a little bit sad
But with a room so rad,
You’d also be glad.
My room expresses the style within me,
hopefully my room claims 1st place victory !

– Fifth place goes to earlybird123 for her palatial dorm room
nikkiMath wins fourth place for her (slightly more realistic B) two-bed dorm room
– Third place goes to zelda989 for her punk & black extravaganza!
Audinga wins second place for her army-green punk-style Unitz!
– First place goes to patunea for created a Z-Punkette dorm room worthy of ZeenaWooz herself! (But don’t tell Mya we said that)

Congrats to all the contest winners!

Articles from Woozens

Woozworld’s Next Superstar & Eventz Ideas by myleyvip
It’s over, and the music genre who won was POP…gratz…I really wanted rock to win .-. and the winners received 1 piece from the new outfits (the WNS ones) and 10 Beex, that’s what i’ve heard.
Okay so the next topic is not linked to any of the news at the moment, since it’s this whole WNS thing, here are some events that I think would be awesome if Woozworld had:
Anime week: When, Woozworld could make anime inspired outfits and people would do cosplays and stuff, what about a COSPLAY contest …that would be like a photo contest, and we would have to submit our photo xD [Editor’s Note: We had an anime week for Max’s birthday in November a few years ago… Maybe we should bring it back! -LW]
WOOZWORLD SWEETZ EVENT- When Woozworld would turn Unitz in sweets like, Plaza would be a cupcake, Woozen Quests would be made of bubblegum or Lib Street could be made of candy cotton THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. And, Woozens could also turn into sweets, imagine you having a marshmallow hair or chocolate shoes etc. [Editor’s Note: Last year’s Prom theme was sweetz! I like this expansion idea B) -LW]

Be Yourself by meanjean
Wear your BE ME shirt and be yourself! I saw alot of Woozens being themselves so make Woozworld happy. Don’t be trying to be somone else, be yourself! I have been being other people now I’m being myself listen to me :) BE YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!


Countering Bullies by NewSwagz
What do you do if you are being bullied?
1. The first rule is use the report tool which is exclamation mark.
2. Try and tell and a moderator, they are here to help.
3. Don’t try and confront them yourself that will lead to more trouble.
4. And last whenever you use the report tool try and explain the situation as much as possible.

[Editor’s Note: If you’d like to submit an article to the WoozPaper, visit the WoozNewz HQ Unitz in Woozworld! -LW]

Fansite Corner

Freshman this year? Nervous? So was julietrainbow23 until she stumbled across this great post with tips to survive your Freshman year!



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