WoozPaper vol. 168

Happy Friday Woozens!

Don’t miss the grand finale show for Woozworld’s Next Superstar tonight at 6 PM WT! Which genre team is your favorite?

Contest Winners

sotw_en_isabella670At the Star of the Week competition on Sunday, Woozens rocked Woozen-designed Woozworld’s Next Superstar outfits on the WNTM Runway. “I always love Woozen-design weeks,” explained MyaWooz when reached for comment. “Woozens dress their best when they’re inspired by their fellow music fans! Just to prove the point, Isabella670 looks absolutely ***flawless in this cat-ear ponytail. The doll face suits the sweetness of the look perfectly, and the rest of the pieces are simple and chic to draw attention to that fab hairstyle. And ofc, what are you going to wear with cat ears if not kitten heels? xx”

All week, the Woozband members have been visiting Unitz inspired by their favorite genres – POP for Jenny, ROCK for Max, HIP-HOP for Jay and DANCE for Mya. Remember, these four genres will face off in the finale event tonight!

Each of the four genres had a winning music video, which JennyWooz announced on Saturday.
POP: WooZina and the Diamonds
ROCK: Crown the Yetiz
HIP-HOP: Jennifer Beexson and Iggy Woozalea
DANCE: Little Wooz

Congrats to all the contest winners!

Articles from Woozens

Summer Ending?! by IHeartIcecream
It’s almost the end of summer and it’s time to make the most of it. Here are some things to do before summer ends!
1. Take pictures
Pictures are labels of our memories and it’ll make you remember the summer until next year.
2. Make the rest of the summer a remembered one
Do some summer activities that you’ll never forgot such as having a wicked beach party!
3. Do things you can’t do in other seasons
Summer’s almost over and the lovely warm weather is fading away. Go to the beach, swim and enjoy yourself!
That’s all for this week, until then, enjoy your summer! :3

Color Codes by VeVStar-Backup
Many people Woozens in Woozworld have color codes. A color code is when you have a certain unique color for your clothes. 😀 For example, I have Neon Pink and White for my clothes, for my hair I have black hair 😀 Some Woozens don’t prefer to use a color code and express themselves with different colors :) What is YOUR color code?


VIP Tips by AnimeLegend
Do you really want VIP but your parents wont buy it for you? Here are some ways you can try to earn it!
1. THINK ABOUT WHY YOU NEED IT: Think about the real ACTUAL privileges of VIP
2. TALK TO YOUR PARENTS ABOUT IT: You should explain to them firstly what Woozworld is (they are supposed to know, just saying) and all the good exclusivities that you get to have.
3. MAKE A DEAL: Most parents would want you to make a deal to earn something you REALLY want. Think about a good deal in exchange for that $10 Woozworld Gift Card (ex: cleaning my room clean for a whole week, doing the chores for a whole week, etc)
4. ACCEPT THE DEAL AND DO IT WELL: You made a deal, so you accept it. Don’t just pretend to do it. You need to ACTUALLY do it to prove your parents you are working very hard for this.
5. DID IT WORK????: If your parents think that you proved yourself enough, then you have it! Enjoy that 1 month of VIP, since YOU deserve it!

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Fansite Corner

Fashionista purpleskull95 has started a new “Slice of Fashion” column on SocialWooz! Check out her first few posts, which include a DIY Emoji backpack. We can’t wait to see what comes next!



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