WoozPaper vol. 167

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We’ve been around the world this summer, and now it’s time to reach new heights as we seek Woozworld’s Next Superstar! This week, you’ve chosen one of five competing bands or solo artists in your favorite genre to support by collecting Stars of Fame. Next week, the top artist or band in each genre, based on the percentage of their fans that have collected Stars, will face off in the final round of competition! Which team are you rooting for?

Contest Winners

08w2_en_sotw_nikkilovevotAt the Star of the Week competition on Sunday, MyaWooz asked Woozens to strut their best Woozworld’s Next Superstar outfits on the catwalk. “Music is a creative outlet, and so is fashion!” exclaimed Woozworld’s fashionista when reached for comment. “So it’s always so much fun to see how one inspires the other. We saw some amaaazing looks on display, but Nikkilovevot really stole the spotlight with her deep navy dress – the perfect backdrop for a starry sparkle. And she topped the outfit off with a sleek little bob, totally inspired xx”

Speaking of musical inspirations, JennyWooz will announce the results of her music Video Challenge Saturday morning… so stay tuned to the Hot Topicz!

Congrats to all the contest winners!

Articles from Woozens

Tips on Star of the Week by X3-morganmonster
As we all know most of us ae a little shy to get ourselves up there and as what Mya likes to say: “Werk it.” I have troubles like that as well but here are some tips from me to you!
Tip 1: when getting ready for the show you dont HAVE to wear the whole outfit thats currently in store, you can spice it up a bit and add some clothes from past events! (be creative while you’re at it.)
Step 2. Be polite in line, some judges really dig when there’s a nice woozen! (be social as well and make some friends)
Step 3. When it’s your turn to go on stage and “strut your stuff” don’t be shy or too cocky, and try to have fun while talking to mya while you strut your stuff.
Step 4. When you’re done you can always root for others in the unit trying to show off their unigue style (along with that when creating your outfit be spontaneous, you should express yourself.)
Step 5. It always happens, not everyone wins but theres always a next time to show off your new creation to woozens in the game! So when you’re either losing or winning be cool about it!
I hope you liked reading this!

Creating Outfits by Clairenan
So lately on woozworld I have been completely and utterly OBSSESED with mix-n-matching outfits I like. I’m always trying out what seems like hundreds of different ways to wear an outfit. The obssesion has suceeded in a waya because I have been receiving a lot of complements on my outfits. So I decided to share some tips on how I make up an outfit. So all of these tips are for girls (sorry boys) just because being a girl mself I know that girls tend to want to create an outfit that fits their style.So the first tip that I’ve used a lot is looking at other peoples outfit, of course I have to find a way to spice it up and make it my own, but if you just take a minute and go around Unitz looking at different outfits you can really get a sense of cute things to wear. Another tip I love is taking high cut tops, like crop tops, and wearing high waisted skirts with them. It looks really cute no matter the clothing and you honestly feel good. A lot of times I will find the outfit I want and them go through all my hair in my inventory. After I choose the hair, I sometimes will put on a new face and see what looks better. The last tip is that it looks really good when people wear sweater type shirts with leggings or skinny jeans. So those are some of the few tips I use when making an outfit on woozworld. I hope they helped. c:

Watch Out For Scammers! by Yelnatsina
Countless incidents have happened where people are scammed, and the now the numbers have increased, due to the new VIP monthly gifts, as well as the new tempting and popular outfits in the Store.
Some tips are to aviod websites and Woozens that ask for your username and password to get rares items, Wooz or Beex, or VIP. They will take your account information and hack in to your account, trust me it has happened to close friends and it took them several months to get their accounts back with their anxiety building up about what that hacker might be doing to their account.
A few other types of scams you might want to avoid is giving rares for VIP gift cards, as well copy and pasting messages onto the Woozband’s Wallz.
And one last tip, lock your shop podz before anything and make sure you DO NOT promote to marketplace yet. Then you may start putting in items. Even if no one is there, you might have accidentally promoted to marketplace, and someone could’ve boughten the item before you could change the price.
Have fun!

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