WoozPaper vol. 166

Happy Friday Woozens!

Our round-the-world adventure in search of ZackWooz continues! We visited the Americas last weekend, from the wild beauty of Banff National Park to the beaches of Miami and Rio de Janeiro. This week, we admired the sights and sounds of Europe: a view of Paris from the balcony of Notre-Dame; an impromptu punk show outside of London‘s Parliament building; the mosaics of Park Güell in Barcelona; and the stunning Colosseum in Rome. Today, we’re traveling to Egypt to marvel at the ancient Giza Pyramids outside of Cairo. Our world truly is an amazing place!

I’ve had a few unconfirmed reports that if you’ve visited every city with us for the past two weeks, you can start looking for a hidden clue as to Zack’s whereabouts! Have any of you found him? Let me know on my WoozIN!

Contest Winners

07w4_stow_en_pheonixgirlOn Sunday, MyaWooz celebrated the Woozband’s journey around the world with an Asian-couture-themed Star of the Week. “What can I say about our new Star other than kawaii?” exclaimed Woozworld’s fashion queen when reached for comment. “With the perfect pigtails, blunt bangs, kimono-inspired dress in a nice bold red with whimsical cherry blossoms… and ofc the sneakers add a little pop of sparkle while keeping the outfit cute & casual. PheonixGirl is just flawless!” (BTW, for post-show interviews with the new Star, you can read myleyvip‘s piece from Woozworld Burst and SierraTooCool‘s post on SocialWooz!)

This week JayWooz announced the winners of his Asian Unitz Design Contest! “Mad impressed by the talent this week, yo,” Jay commented while grilling his latest batch of gourmet burgers. “Shoutout to all that entered; I really felt like I was traveling the world with these Unitz!” Many Woozens earned honorable-mention trophies, but these three really stood out from the (Tokyo) crowd:
– Liina59 earned a bronze trophy for her all-white Japanese restaurant
– Silver went to StonerProduction for capturing the craziness of Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing
– For her sushi stop in the center of Tokyo, AoyamaNanami won the first-place gold iDesignz trophy!

Congrats to all the contest winners!

Articles from Woozens

The Search for ZackWooz by Gizkod
Since Prom 2k15 event happed and Jenny rejected ZackWooz. So Zack left a note including Zack telling the Woozband to not look for him, not reach out to him and if they did he will not respond, they even asked for them to not even think about him especially Jenny. If they did there would be dire consequenses. Ever since  ZackWooz has been missing my fellow Woozens and the Woozband have been searching  for ZackWooz. So far we have been to Rome, Italy; Paris, France; Mumbai, India; Beijing, China and many more places. But the question is will we find ZackWooz? The last place we will go is Cairo, Egypt. If ZackWooz isn’t there will Woozband continue their search or will  they stop? Stay tuned to see.

Interior Designing by imafuzzymonster
A lot of people on Woozworld love to visit create, unique, incredible Unitz. Why not make your own? It’s lots of fun and easy to design!
1) Choose a color for your Unit and be creative! Color can mean a lot when it comes to designing. This Unit is yours and other Woozens can visit too. Remember, “An original is always worth more than a copy.”
2) Pick different furniture and think of a theme. Such as a hangout, movie theater, boutique, or even an adoption center!
3) Last but not least, creating the event for your Unit. Woozens love to see new creations! Hopefully your Unit will turn out to be a huge success. I love to see new Unitz around Woozworld.
I hope you enjoy interior designing as much as I do!

7 Tips for a Great Summer by sweet-vip-
1. Going to the beach. Here you can lay on the sand and read a book, or u can get a tan while listening a little music.
2. Exercise. You can get great excersie by jogging around the park or the beach in the sun. It gives you a great workout.
3. Drinks. I prefer ice chiller smoothies, they make you feel refeshed on a hot day! I also recommend ice cream, you can’t enjoy summer without ice cream!
4. Chores. While you’re on summer vacation, you can still help around the house.
5. Friends. You can go to the beach, movies, water park, etc. with your friends and have a great time!
6. Preparing back for school. Well after summer vacation, it’s back to school; you can review your studies and refresh your brain. You need to get organised before school opens, sooner rather than later.
7. Family. It’s great spending quality time with your parent/family. You guys can go on vacation, visit other families, etc.

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Fansite Corner

As we enter the last month of summer vacation (-sob-), SierraTooCool and Itching have teamed up to encourage you to make the most of the free time you have left! How? By making (and following) a summer bucket list! Check it out on Woozworld Spies.



Until next Friday!