WoozPaper vol. 165

Happy Friday Woozens!

Wow, we’ve been so many places this week on our quest for ZackWooz! Fireworks and gardens in Beijing, the neon business of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, the Gateway to India in Mumbai, and we’re even going to try to climb Mt. Everest today (wish us luck B). Have you been to any of these places in real? Tell me about it on my WoozIN!

And while I’m asking questions… where do you think the blond Woozband has disappeared? And is he still the good guy we thanked in February for helping us save Jenny‘s life during Once Upon a Wooz? Or has he turned back to his evil ways after the disappointment he suffered during Prom 2k15??

Contest Winners

07w3_sotw_en_LLCOOLOn Sunday, LLCOOL claimed the title of Star of the Week at a beachwear-themed show. “While his choice of ‘beachwear’ may be slightly unconventional,” explained Woozworld’s fashion queen MyaWooz, “I think his simple B&W chic actually works perfectly with the chill vibe of a good long beach day. Can’t you just see him pulling on his relaxed sweater for an evening beach BBQ after a day surfing or swimming in his adorable tribal trunks? And then that beachy wave hair to top it all off! I can totally see why the judges went for this look. He really lives up to his name! xx” (BTW, you can read SierraTooCool‘s interview with the Star on SocialWooz!)

This week JennyWooz announced the winners of her future career Video Challenge! It seems like we have a lot of future entertainers (or entertainment producers and critics) among you Woozens…
Curiosity wants to edit, direct, and produce videos, photos, or any other creative content
fluffy86 seeks pop stardom
MawaddaElbanhawy will serve alongside Christina and Blake as a judge on The Voice
naizswagger tried out a couple of (literal) dream careers before settling on her heart’s desire: art!
sweet-vip- broke the mold as a life-saving lab scientist!

Congrats to all the contest winners!

Articles from Woozens

Hello Summer! by vickytjeruy
For the past few weeks we’ve experienced some major events happening in this glorious virtual world…
Logan started everyone’s feet moving when unexpectedly the catastrophe known as ZeenaWooz came in for a little stroll along the sunny beach.
Meanwhile Mya and Jenny found the purr!fect summer dazzaling looks for the entire Woozworld society! x3
But where’s our stylish reporter Lily? She’s got all sorts of excitement for you:
Recently we read that ZackWooz has disappeared from Woozworld and is never comming back!
Yup, I think it’s time we pack up and form a search party!
I love all the excitement… what’s coming up next?!
See you next time ! :)

EN_monkeygirl_nodropA Short History of ZackWooz by monkeygirl
Today’s topic: ZackWooz. Do you know a lot about him? I do! I know ZackWooz is one of the Woozband members and the ex-boyfriend of JennyWooz. ZackWooz has blonde hair and moderate cyan (#4BACC6) eyes. He has also dated ZeenaWooz, but they broke up. He is currently not dating anyone (that’s right he’s currently single girls). Now here’s some of his past history: ZackWooz was once JennyWooz’s boyfriend, but he went on a trip around the world. Jenny was heartbroken, but Zack promised as soon as he got back they would get married. Months later Jenny got a message saying the ship carrying Zack was sunken by a hurricane near the Bermuda Triangle, and no survivors had been found. Jenny was so upset. But actually, Zack was alive; he was not found though, he was stuck on a deserted island, where he found static energy and vowed that he would become its master, and he did. Soon he was found but he was evil and mean but people say he got bored of being mean and evil that he quit and has not recently made an attack so he’s changed to good. Speaking of ZackWooz, we hope you find him, but be careful, he might not have changed!

R.I.B.S. by Mandisimo
Hey woozens! I’m going to give you a little lesson on how to stop someone from cyberbullying you or someone else! I like to call it RIBS! Who doesn’t like ribs? Anyways I hope this helps!
R- Report the person who is bullying you or someone else. Make sure it’s a valid report or it could result in you getting sanctioned yourself!
I- Ignore the person if he/she keeps bullying you. This means going to another unitz or something to avoid the bully.
B- Block the person if he/she is following you everywhere when you try to get away from them.
S- Stand up for yourself or the victim of cyber bullying! It’s always good to know that you have support from other people or even just yourself when you become a victim of cyberbullying!!
I hope my advice helps you woozens that are victims of cyberbullying! Stay safe and follow the Code of Conduct!!!!!

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Fansite Corner

Woozworld is full of fun, but sometimes you need to be the one that makes it happen. Luckily, mikaskye and the Woozapalooza101 team is there for you if you run out of ideas.



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