WoozPaper vol. 164

Happy Friday Woozens!

Our weeks with LoganWooz came to close with some final beachwear outfits to enjoy a beach day, party at the bonfire or, as Mya prefers, “strut the boardwalk.” Next week, we’ll be leaving the beach behind to travel the world! Get your suitcases ready…

Contest Winners

SOTW_en_XMizSaraSparksXOn Sunday, MyaWooz asked Star of the Week contestants to start the month strong with their hottest July outfit. “Standing out in a sea of super-fab bright colors, XMizSaraSparksX waltzed in wearing cool, classic neutral tones,” said Mya when reached for comment. “She just kept the outfit so fresh and chic. Totally worthy of Star of the Week! xx” (BTW, you can read SOTW judge Itching‘s interview with the Star on WoozworldSpies, while his girlfriend SierraTooCool writes a rival post for SocialWooz!)

This week, before she surfed off into the sunset, LoganWooz announced the winners of her beachy Unitz Design Contest!
julietrainbow23 showed us the power of monochrome with her lovely, peaceful “Splash of Blue Beach
xxmelimoxx created islands of fun at her “Beach for Logan
imafuzzymonster took us to a pink beach paradise at her “Summer Beach Party
DustinThunder earned second place for his towelicious “Summer Fun Beach Contest
– And last but certainly not least, the coral-and-blue “Summer Beach” designed by lovezmeep1 won the top iDesignz prize this week!

Congrats to all the contest winners!

Articles from Woozens

BeMe by CaraJay
OMG! BeMe is so amazing! It gives people the chance to see how amazing they are as themselves instead of trying to fit into this critical society nowadays… Everyone is beautiful and BeMe helps people realize that! Be YOURSELF, don’t try to be like someone else. Be yourself because everyone is their own person! Big, small, tall, short, you’re all amazing.


How to Run a Theme Game by YOUNGCUTIEomg
Recently, I have been looking for ways to collect beex on Woozworld. My friend told me I should open up my very own theme game. I was like I have no idea how to manage one and she told me the basic rules. All you have to do is buy a few different couple of tiles and put up a manni with a very attractive item for a winning prize. For instance, the new VIP hair. Quite marvelous if I do say so myself. Then, you must put in some items that you don’t fancy as much and sell them so woozens can enter the game. Once they enter you give the woozens a theme and they dress according to it. Not difficult at all. My favorite theme is summer. You get to see the woozens wear the new collections and choose you’re favorite woozen. When they win they must repeat a phrase and whoever says it last has to buy, trade, vote, or out. Easy peasy lemon sqeezey. The last woozen standing wins the prize. So, if you want to make beex very simply open you own theme game!!

Summer Fun by Thrive
Summer. The time of fun and no homework. Every kid’s dream: 75 days away from 180 days of school. You love and you hate it, especially when you have zero plans.
Well, that is where I come in! I have some of the perfect ways for you to have fun in the sun in the summer of 2k15!
1) Invite friends over – let your friends chill at your place! Talk, joke, laugh and plan an event together. This is a core part of summer!
2) Have a party! Invite some people over and watch movies, play games, do some pranks, start a food fight and dance the night away!
3) Outdoor fun! Go camping, golfing, fishing or hiking! You can also have an outdoor BBQ and add decorations like strobe lights and banners.
4) Have a pool? Use it! Don’t stay in front of the air conditioner all day! Invite some buddies over and knock yourselves out!
5) Try to find yourself a summer job! Work somewhere like McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, EB Games, or Gamestop! You will make yourself new friends and you will earn money!
6) Play on a summer sports team like baseball or go to a type of camp! This will take up time and give you amazing experiences.
7) The most important thing to do is just have fun! If you’re into looks and clothing, have a spa day with some friends! If you like sports, invite everyone over to watch the big game! The sky’s the limit when it comes to summer vacation. And remember : It’s VACATION, so just relax and have fun and spend time with your friends and family with whatever you do!
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

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Fansite Corner

As you’ve probably noticed, mysterious blondie ZackWooz has disappeared from the Woozband’s Hot Friends list. While our sister publication Wooz Weekly has published  unconfirmed rumors, we prefer myleyvip‘s hotel-based investigations from WoozworldBurst!

Until next Friday!