WoozPaper vol. 163

Happy Friday Woozens!

And happy official start to summer, now that Logan’s Beach Bonfire Bash was a smashing (should I say “bashing”?) success! To keep that summer joy a-rollin’, we added some new features to ShopZ to make shopping even more fun! You can now (1) earn Wooz by watching videos and (2) buy BundleZ containing garments, Unitz, and furniture around a certain theme! (For more on these updates, check out the Hot Topicz, or Woozen-written posts on WoozworldCraze and SocialWooz!) Now that we’re well into July, we hope you all have exciting, relaxing, sun-tastic summer plans. What are your favorite ways to celebrate summer? Let me know on my WoozIN Wallz!

PS: You may have seen some unconfirmed rumors about polarizing eyepatch enthusiast ZackWooz in the pages of Wooz Weekly. Please keep in mind that the WoozPaper does not endorse this publication, which has been known to publish stories without proper fact-checking! [Editors’ Note: you know how much your dedicated reporter, aka me, loves proper fact-checking! -LW]

Contest Winners

SOTW_en_emily365t“Pretty in pink!” is MyaWooz‘s short and sweet description of the latest Star of the Week. On Sunday, contestants dressed in their best June fashions to wrap up a month of stellar summer style. “I would never have thought to pair a full skirt like the Floralful with a loose, flowy top, but since this one is cropped, it makes the whole look feel effortless.” Mya continued when reached for comment. “And she boldly mixed floral with the polka-dot headband! I always love a fashion risk that pays off! xx” (For more, you can get a judge’s scoop with SierraTooCool on SocialWooz, or read Itching‘s interview with the Star on WoozworldSpies!)

This week, JennyWooz announced the winners of the Charmazing Single Music Video contest:
atepony‘s video features creative on-screen lyrics
Blondie199‘s submission uses the Charmazing rainbow backdrop to excellent effect
Maryliny sent in a video that thoughtfully includes the original credits
nicergirl submitted a neon-dream Charmazing video
red472 and friends wonderfully act out the lyrics in her submission

Congrats to all the contest winners!

Articles from Woozens

Woozworld Updates by MeganCarrie
Hey Woozens! Enjoying summer?
If you guys haven’t noticed, Woozworld changed alot! First of all, we have new features, such as the “secret question” option and the “get Wooz” (the VIPs even earn new gifts every month!).
Second, instead of announcing the new events (in WoozNewz) on a Thursday, we now do it on a Monday.
Third, and you guys might know this already, but we now have Funky Friday instead of Wacky Wednesday! Woozworld just keeps getting better and better, LONG LIVE WOOZWORLD!!! 😀

Style Section: Seasonal Colors for Your Clothing by pjacksonlove
Have you ever had a hard time figuring out what colors to make your clothes? There are so many choices, and so many shades! One good idea is to do colors that match the season. For example, don’t do hot pink in the fall. Do deep orange, or maroon. Another tip is to not do colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, like purple and yellow, red and green, or blue and orange. Thats all! Bye!

How to Make a Successful Shop by purpleskull95
1. Pick the Unitz. Choose a unique Unitz for your shop to be in. Make sure there is enough room for Shop Podz, decorations and of course, customers!
2. Choose a colour for the walls and floor of your Unitz. Make sure the colour is bright and eye-catching, not a dull colour like grey.
3. Buy a nice background for your Unitz or change the colour to your current one to match the walls and floor.
4. Choose Shop Podz for your Unitz. Use mannequins for clothing and hair items and normal Shop Podz for furniture.
5. Arrange the Shop Podz in the Unitz and rotate if necessary. Make sure they aren’t blocking each other.
6. Place your item(s) in the Shop Podz. Check the Marketplace if you are unsure of what price to sell it at. Use the other prices as a guide.
7. Decorate your shop! Choose furniture items that are relevant and match the colours of the shop nicely. Don’t go too overboard with the decorations; remember, less is more!
8. Choose a relevant and unique title to name your shop. You can add the words “cheap” and “sale” to attract customers.
9. Advertise. Go to various popular Unitz and advertise your shop. If you go to another Woozen’s Unitz, make sure you have permission before advertising, as some owners may get annoyed.
10. And your shop is finished! Remember it takes time to get customers, they don’t always come straight away. Also, always respect your customers and they will be more likely to return.
(If you wish, I also have a video I made to explain how to build a shop)

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Fansite Corner

Want to beat the summer heat? mikaskye teaches us all how to make our own sweet treat drinks on Woozapalooza!

Until next Friday!