WoozPaper vol. 162

Happy Friday Woozens!

Sorry I missed you all last week, I was feeling a bit under the weather (-glares at Logan for getting me sick-) But don’t miss Logan‘s “super rad” Bonfire Beach Bash TONIGHT at 5 PM WT! (Keep in mind that you have to have completed Logan’s Solstice Objectivz in order to attend the party.) I’m not sure exactly what Woozworld’s surf queen has in mind, but with that crazy beach bunny it’s sure to be a good time!

Contest Winners

fashion star of the week LuvvzThis past Sunday, Star of the Week contestants showed off their best Woozen-designed styles on the WNTM Runway. “Is it cheesy if I say I luuv our new Star Luvvz‘s outfit?” gushed MyaWooz when reached for comment. “I’ve been dying for overalls like these in real all summer. And she kept the whole casual-but-cute vibe with the floral bandana and tattoo flip-flops. Don’t even get me started on her color code omg.” (For an insider’s perspective, you can read Resolute‘s interview with the Star on WoozworldWarriorz!)

This week, JayWooz visited the Charmtastic winners of the Charmazing Unitz Design Contest. Audinga, Aglover517, sweet-vip, DearCrystal and ItsSupermantt earned Charmazing Sun SymbZ for their peacefully beautiful Unitz, and as an extra surprise, everyone that submitted a valid entry to the contest received a SymbZ as well! We really felt our charma rising B)

Be sure to check out these Charmazing Unitz. Congrats to all the contest winners both this week and last!

Articles from Woozens

Woozworld Roundup: Logan’s Solstice, Summer Outfits and Charmazing by cutelolgirl123
It’s kinda been a while for me since last seeing the Ice Queen; I wonder whats she up to? And we now know who the mastermind of this all is now. Ugh I can’t believe she would try to ruin summer. That goo stuff was totally gross and awful. And did you see the new summer outfits um gorgeous. And I can tell that the Charmazing Party is gonna be wicked cool. And our summery friend Logan aka the summer queen is back lol. Hope you Woozens have a great summer. XD

Hot Spot Unitz: Central Plaza by Kenndy1623
I have visited Central Plaza many times and every time I visit there is a line. Once you enter there are lots of fun things to do and people to meet. Also lots of drama to see and hear. So in the end I would say the Central Plaza is a place to visit. It is also a hot spot to meet and make friends. And a place to get votes and chat when bored. I am Kenndy1623 reporting the latest hot spots and trend.

How to Take the Perfect Woozworld Selfie! by singeratheart
Everybody loves taking selfies! So today I’m going to teach you how to take the perfect selfie! First off, finding the perfect outfit! We might need a little help from Mya the fashion queen for that part. But you can never go wrong wearing clothes that say who you are. Clothes are a way to express yourself, so always be you when choosing an outfit. Now the outfit chooses the selfie’s theme! For example, if you wear like a sports jersey, take the selfie in a Woozworld Gym. If you’re wearing a fancy dress you’ll want to take the selfie in a nice Unitz. Base the Unitz off of your outfit’s color. Then finally after all the outfit preperation and Unitz designing, we are ready to take the perfect selfie. Except, what kind of selfie!? An action selfie with movz, a face selfie, or a whole-body selfie? No matter what selfie you decide on, be careful with your timing when taking the picture. It will affect your selfie. After all the long hard work of preperation, the picture will come out perfectly! And there you have it, how to take the perfect selfie. ~singeratheart stay stylish c: :p

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Fansite Corner

We were so proud to celebrate some small steps towards equality in the U.S. last week! It’s a nice end to our #different2gether campaign. We hope you take some self-acceptance, love and tolerance with you as we forward into the rest of summer, the school year, and beyond! Or at least, you can enjoy some celebratory cupcakes courtesy of wwsocial-owner. Find the recipe and more on his blog, SocialWooz!

Until next Friday!