WoozPaper vol. 161

Happy Friday Woozens!

This week, our favorite surfer chick, LoganWooz, returned to Woozworld for the first time since Woozmas! Of course, we should have guessed that this beach bunny would be back for some summer fun. She’s planning a Beach Bonfire party on July 3rd, but Woozworld’s beaches are covered in ice and slime! She’s calling on all of us for help. Will you join in to save summer?

Contest Winners

Star of the Week showcasing the latest in teen summer fashionAs part of the #different2gether movement, MyaWooz asked contestants at the Star of the Week show on Sunday to wear the rainbow. “We saw so many amazing rainbow looks!” said Mya when reached for comment on the show. “I was so proud of everyone’s bold and unique outfits. Our new Star mickefav stood out from the rest with her subtle integration of a lot of bold colors. Plus that hair, I mean, flower crowns just can’t be beat this summer xx” (And this Star had some true celeb-worthy publicity! You can read her interview with Resolute for WoozworldWarriors here, and her chat with Itching for WoozworldSpies here.)

Our obsession with summer travelling continued this week, with JayWooz announcing the winners of his Unitz Design Contest: Dream Vacation Spot:
– 3rd place winner monster75 showed us a beautiful beach scene – complete with yacht!
– 2nd place went to Lilswaggerificyqe for his swagtastic JayWooz tour bus featuring a TV, tunes, and even basketball court! (Someone knows Jay’s favorite things lol)
– And this week’s iDesignz winner was -Im-So-CoOl, whose Persian Palace made us all dream of exotic vacations!

Congrats to all these winners! Will you be traveling this summer? Let me know on my Wallz!

Articles from Woozens

Floraquilt_ENLogan’s Solstice by Floraquilt
Get your flip-flops on! LoganWooz is in town! I have JUST completed my tasks that must be done in order to SAVE SUMMER! There is one problem, LoganWooz is sick, so to keep her going, you must clean up ice and slime so she  can plan the EPIC Summer bash for this year! Enough about all that! You HAVE to check out the Logan inspired Summer wear! The sun dresses are AMAZING! But you have to see it yourself to believe it! Check it out before it is released! Take my word for it! All I can say now is… have a great Summer!

Tips to Become the Next WOTW/SOTW! by SierraTooCool
Hi woozens, I know many of you guys ask, “How do I or my woozpet become the next top star?” Well, it’s not technically a secret! Here’s a few tips to try when competing:
1. Be unique. People look for styles unusual and odd, but very cool, don’t try to copy others, look for your own unique way!
2. TALK. Tell the judges and the animator about what you’re presenting. The more they know, the more they give points to you!
3. Receive high praise. When you receive high praise from especially an animator, judges can take this as an opportunity to give you even extra points.
4. GET THERE ON TIME! Woozpetz of the Week never closes, but SOTW can be kinda challenging, be careful!
5. Be yourself! Have fun out there, make new friends! Get to know people better so that they can become more familiar with you.

Earning Beex by myleeclo
Have you ever wanted to know how to quickly earn Beex in woozworld? Well here are some tips for those of you who need more money fast!
1) Know that there is no way to get instant Beex, and avoid any sites promising this, and free Wooz. These are only trying to steal your account.
2) Make a game. Games are a fun way to give away nice things you no longer need. You and other Woozens will have tons of fun, and as a plus you will get some money from the Woozens who choose to buy for whatever reason.
3) Vote. Every vote give you one Beex (or if you are a VIP, two Beex). If you are a higher level you will get more votes, and more beex. (This also helps you level up, which can give you Beex).
4) Ask other Woozens to vote you. Just like you using votes, if another Woozen uses their votes on you, you will receive Beex and Preztige points.
5) Make a shop. This is the most obvious way. Just set up some Shop Podz and put items in them at a good price. Tip: if you aren’t sure of a fair price for the item, check the prices most people use on Marketplace.
6) Use your daily spin. Most of the time, your daily spin will land on an amount of Beex. Although it is not much, it can slowly start to add up.
7) Work towards achievements. You will receive Beex after completing most achievements.
8) Save. While trying to build up your Beex, try not to buy a ton of things. You might end up spending all of them and having to restart!
9) Be patient. You can’t expect to get 50,000 Beex in 5 minutes. It takes time to earn them. But don’t worry, they add up quickly so just keep working at it and eventually you will have enough to buy that special item!

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Fansite Corner

As you may already know, Summer Savers follow the Code of the Three Fs: Fun, Friends, and Freedom! For advice on the “friends” part of the Summer Savers Code, check out this article by 10cece10 from DeadlineReWritten back in May. Cece was ahead of the game!

Until next Friday!