WoozPaper vol. 160

Happy Friday Woozens!


Wondering what this color-splotch Symbz floating above your friends’ heads in Woozworld mean? This month the Woozband will be hosting special eventz to encourage you to accept yourself and tolerate the differences of those around you. These eventz will cover various topics, from bullying to body image to those qualities that make us unique, and we’d love to hear your stories, if you’re comfortable sharing them. You can wear the color splotch Symbz to show that you’re participating in this discussion, which we’re calling #different2gether.

Contest Winners

06w1_SOTW_en_DearCrystalOn Sunday, MyaWooz asked contestants at the Star of the Week show to start summer off in style. “DearCrystal is totally on-trend for the summer,” gushes Woozworld’s lead fashionista. “Light crop top to stay cool, paired with high-waisted shorts and nice sandals for a clean, classy, fresh look. And ofc, it’s not summer without a flower crown! xx” (BTW, you can read angelstarfaith’s interview with the new Star here.)

Whether or not your real-life summer plans involve travel, you can always tour the globe in Woozworld! This week, winners of Jenny’s Video Challenge showed us their dream destination vacation:
– From Venetian gondolas to Egyptian pyramids to the beaches of the Bahamas, alexrider1 knows how to travel the world!
anastasia730 dreamed up a romantic (and delicious) trip to Paris!
– Sometimes on vacation we make a wrong turn… just ask LuvTwilight about her airport troubles!
Ricky101 sent us a video postcard from stunning Noosa Beach, Australia!
– After considering Australian stars and Italian pizza, ZHANNAH777 settles on a Parisian excursion with her mom!
Congrats to all these winners! Will you be traveling this summer? Let me know on my Wallz!

Articles from Woozens

#different2gether2k15 by Wziefs
All so different, but we’re all so special.
All so unique, but in a way we don’t see.
All the criticism, affects every single one of us.
But do you know that all of our differences, gives rise to unity in today’s society?
This year, we can make a change and accept each and other despite the many differences we may have. So let’s make a change #different2gether2k15

Choosing a Color Code by homiesauce
In my years playing WZW, I’ve noticed many newer players who hadn’t develeoped a “color code.” Some people know what this is, others dont. A color code is the color codes you usually use on your clothes. Most long time players have one, but I’m going to give tips on how newer woozens could find theirs.
1. Try to use some of your favorite colors. Your clothes should represent you, so using your favorite colors would add a personal touch to all your clothes.
2. Don’t use colors that clash. If the colors don’t look good together, neither will your clothes. Try to avoid combining too many colors. Some combonations to avoid include: Purple, blue orange; blue and orange; dark green and pink.
3. Use neutrals. Neutrals like black, and white go great with almost all colors. This is why combonations like black and red, white and blue, and black and white are so common.
4. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors. A pop of neon could really make you stand out. Don’t be afraid to use these. Just dont go too crazy CX.
5. Use other woozens as an inspiration. As I said, many woozens already have a color code. You can look around woozworld and find tons of great combonations. You can also research colors that go together if this doesn’t help you. There are many lists of great combos that you could look at! So get out there and get coloring :D!

Summer Activities by cutiepie456v
The time of fun and no homework. Every kid’s dream 75 days away from 180 days of school. You love and you hate it, especially when you have zero plans.
Well, that is where I come in! I have some of the perfect ways for you to have fun in the sun in the summer of 2k15!
1) Invite friends over – let your friends chill at your place! Talk, joke, laugh and plan an event together. This is a core part of summer!
2) Have a party! Invite some people over and watch movies, play games, do some pranks, start a food fight and dance the night away!
3) Outdoor Fun! Go camping, golfing, fishing or hiking! You can also have an outdoor BBQ and add decorations like strobe lights and banners.
4) Have a pool? Use it! Don’t stay in front of the air conditioner all day! Invite some buddies over and knock yourselves out!
5) Try to find yourself a summer job! Work somewhere like McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, EB Games, or Gamestop! You will make yourself new friends and you will earn money!
6) Play on a summer sports team like baseball or go to a type of camp! This will take up time and give you amazing experiences.
7) The most important thing to do is just have fun! If you’re into looks and clothing, have a spa day with some friends! If you like sports, invite everyone over to watch the big game! The sky’s the limit when it comes to summer vacation. And remember : It’s VACATION, so just relax and have fun and spend time with your friends and family with whatever you do!
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
– cutiepie456v

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Fansite Corner

You may have seen some articles about Mya’s VIP Style Scoop featuring the upcoming outfits, like this one from Woozworld Spies. But know that you know what’s new and hot in Woozworld, what about your real-life summer style? Never fear, wwsocial-owner is here! Check out his piece on all the best colors for summer attire. I’m sure Mya would approve!

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