WoozPaper vol. 159

Happy Friday Woozens!

Whew, what a month we’ve had! After all the craziness of Prom 2k15 (neon! Prom sabotage! Ballots! Zeena! ZACK!?), I have to say I’m glad to have had a little rest this week. But I’m proud to announce that about 1200 Woozens attended Prom this year! ‘O’ Of course, let’s give our congrats to the big winners on Prom nightProm King HarrisBlue, Prom Queen MawaddaElbanhawy, Prom Princess epichoper, and Prom Prince Josephado! But don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back as well – we couldn’t have had such a mega-awesome Prom without you!


Contest Winners

iJuniperOn Sunday, MyaWooz bid a tearful farewell to Prom with one last Prom-themed Star of the Week contest. This week, contestants wore Promwear designed for Woozens, by Woozens. New Star of the Week iJuniper “absolutely wowed us with her red gown,” gushed Mya. “She was the perfect end to a stunning Prom season. I mean, look at her! This girl oozes glamour xx” (BTW, you can read wwsocial-owner‘s interview with the new Star here.)

And of course, what’s Prom without an afterparty? JayWooz announced the winners of the visits-and-votes tally taken over the weekend in Woozen-designed Neon Rave Prom Afterparties. Anyone that had the energy to host a party after all the drama of Prom earns my eternal respect! Here are the top-scorers that helped you party and discuss the night away after Prom 2k15:
– Wander
– Cyndaquil49, the official Prom 2k15 Afterparty Host!
Be sure to check out their popular Unitz for a good party!

Articles from Woozens

Neon Prom 2k15! by IHeartIcecream
This year’s Neon prom was cray cray, with the glowing lights, neon walls and flashing tiles.
The real reason why most people came was to see who would be crowned the prom queen,king,princess
and prince of 2k15. Of course the competition was tight between the over 40000 woozens that were
in the draw for prom prince and princess, but the title went to Josephado and Epichoper. Congratulations!
But the competition was nothing compared to the competition for King and Queen! It was quite a surprise
to find Zeena in the running?! Woozens have suggested that she had fished around with the entries, especially
when she gate-crashed prom in rage when MawaddaElbanhawy was crowned Prom Queen 2k15 and HarrisBlue for Prom King.
Congratulations! The greatest surprise was when Zack Wooz asked to be Jenny his love <3 I mean how adorable, but
I couldn’t help feeling for poor Max. Jay didn’t help either. In the end Jenny REJECTED Zack and he left like
a gentleman (fortunetly…) Now that is all for today, hope you enjoyed prom even in queue!

Avoiding Lag by LilEmsy4
Hi there! I see allover Wallz and Unitz many people suffering with lag! And today I’m here to give you some tips for better gameplay!
1. Close any other windows you have open, other programs can slow it down. This is also includes tabs, try not to switch between them a lot if you need them, this causes MAJOR lag!
2. If you’re downloading anything, or streaming a video for example, pause them, this is taking your internet up and slowing it down when you download content, so try not get that new game whilst playing!
3. Settings, in the little square at the top with 2 screws, that is the settings option, turn your game-play to Normal, not high performance, and turn off other people’s movez too! Prevents alot of lag
4. Use a fast web browser, without plugins! A browser like Google Chrome is perfect for Woozworld, it’s fast and isn’t jumbled up with script for anything else, and prevent using toolbars and plugins!
5. If you still have lag issues with your PC, I think it’s time to get an upgrade, all worth it without lag!

Exam Time Tips by evanaly
Exam week is always a pain, but that’s where I come in! Here are some quick and easy ways to help you ace exams.
1. Make a study guide or some cue cards! Test yourself until you think your sure that you memorized it.
2. Color code! Hilighting helps me organize my notes and information that I should study.
3. Relax. Give yourself some time to cool down and have fun. You can go swimming, do some sports or hang out with your friends.
4. Listen to some music! Music always motivates me to work harder. It also inspires me to take advantage of my knowledge.
5. And finally, have some rest! You want to make sure you are ready. Make sure you are fresh and happy.
There you have it! Good luck my lovelies!

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Fansite Corner

Now that summer is upon us, check out -East- and Divergent‘s advice on creating fun Woozworld games. After all, what better way to enjoy the freedom of summer than by staying indoors playing Woozworld? B)

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