WoozPaper vol. 158

Happy Friday Woozens!

And even more importantly… HAPPY PROM! Don’t forget that “Tell Me When to Glow”: Neon Rave Prom 2k15 is TONIGHT at 6 PM WT! The glamour, the awards, the memories…! Wow I just can’t wait B)

(BTW, if you haven’t voted for Prom 2k15 King/Queen yet, it’s not too late! Check out wwsocial-owner‘s guide to the nominees and cast your vote before the polls are removed today!)

Don’t forget that after Prom ends tomorrow, you can keep the party going with your own Prom Afterparties!

Contest Winners

jeydonlooperWoozworld’s fashionista MyaWooz is known for her love of purple in all its shades, so this week’s Star was a lavender dream come true from his toes to his irises! On Sunday, Mya asked Star of the Week contestants to wear their best Prom formalwear, and jeydonlooper stood out even in the crowd of stylish Woozens that dressed to impress. When asked for a quotation about our newest Star, Mya said she “literally just can’t. I only hope everyone looks this good at Prom!”

To get you in the mood for Prom, check out the winners of the Prom Video Challenge! This challenge really let you display your creativity, as the prompt allowed for a variety of videos to be made, focusing on the fashion, clothes, nominees, or any other aspect of Prom night! JennyWooz announced the following winners on Monday:
– allyvivadiva & allydivadiva show off their favorite Prom looks
riksana gives tips to get a date for Prom (we recommend methods #2 and 3)
SofiaQueen & pal CaptainSkittles have a quick little Promscapade
Taylere offers Prom fashion advice and even clothes themselves!
wwsocial-owner gives his viewers some neon color codes perfect for Prom!

Articles from Woozens

Dates and Dresses and Afterparties, Oh My! by Lovely85
Hey everyone! And everyone knows it but – PROM is on its way!
With the new prom dresses and suits, everybody’s getting dressed up for this big occasion. I can’t wait myself! So I’ve compiled three terrific tips (see what I did there?) to help YOU have the best. Prom. Ever!
1. Get a Date!
So what if your date happens to be your squad? (#SQUADRULES) Everyone knows it’s always more fun to be with others than alone! And if you just happen to be a girl – so what. Don’t let society tell you everything! Ask out your cute crush. And dance the night away, folks!
2. Put together YOUR glamorous outfit!
Go shopping with your friends, and definitely buy some of the new dresses and suits. They’re gorgeous, after all! And if you don’t have enough Beex or Wooz, use something old, or borrow from your friends! Recreate something. Set the NEW trend!
3. Plan an after-party!
Yes. An after-party! Because the party definitely doesn’t end just because prom’s over. Your after-party could even be a sleepover (why not?)! It’s all about the fun. Get together with some friends to help (or do it yourself!), decorate a fab Unitz, make an invite list and let EVERYONE know and dance the night away!
Hopefully these tips will help you get ready for this year’s prom. Make 2k15 YOUR year. Have fun, Woozens!

Feel the Glow! by AnnaHeartz
Neon Prom is coming! Can’t wait to shine in the prom? The Promber Dress is outstanding! Matched with Prom Goddess Hair and Glamz Prom Sandals. Or try the new outfits from the Store! Show how prominent you are with the Prominade outfit! Or sparkle with the Glitter-N-Glow outfit! You don’t have to wear the whole outfit. It’s fun to mix and match with other oufits from the Store to suit your personality! :)
Regardless of how beautiful your dress is, you can’t truly be beautiful in the eyes of the woozens if you’re wearing a rough attitude along with the dress. Attitude and values works together to bring out the beauty in you. If you have values and you know how beautiful you are inside, you can be more beautiful than anyone else you’ll meet. So Chin up! Let that beauty inside you make you shine in the prom! It’s always good to wear beautiful outfits but it’s nothing without a beautiful personality. So for the coming Neon Prom Ball, don’t forget to check the awesome outfits from the Store! Wear beautiful dresses, beautiful hair, beautiful shoes! But most importantly, don’t forget to wear the beautiful you and feel the glow of Woozworld’s Neon Prom 2k15! 😉

How to Get Your Lost/Stolen Account Back by Demi-lavatoWW
I saw many woozens having trouble this year with lost/stolen accounts. I tried typing all what they had to do, but it wouldn’t fit! So I’m going to teach you how to get it back. First, go to Woozworld’s help page. After, scroll till you see the exact words: Need help? Fill out what e-mail woozworld should contact you at, the Woozen’s name, you also have to type few details in the tiny box which is titled “Details.” Select your OS, Windows, Mac, Android, etc. You especially need to fill out the nature of your request using the drop-down button. Also select your browser, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. And THAT is how you get your lost/stolen account back, seems like a lot of steps but it’s really quick and easy!

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Fansite Corner

We’ve been focusing on PromPromPromProm for a while now, but meganisawesome3 is looking ahead to summer! Check out her hot (see what I did there B) summer post on Woozworld’s latest official fansite, Woozworld Spies!

Until next Friday!