WoozPaper vol. 157

Happy Friday Woozens!

Can you guess what’s on our minds this week? That’s right… NEON PROM 2K15! On May 22nd (that’s TODAY!), the Woozband will release voting podz featuring the final nominees for Prom King and Queen, based on your write-in nominations last week. These polls have been specially created not to show the results after you vote, so the announcement on Prom night will be a big surprise. Cast your vote wisely!

In other Prom news, if you haven’t yet collected 100 Prom Prince(ss) Ballots, you should still see them popping up around Woozworld. Remember, the more ballots you collect, the more times your name is entered into the random drawing for the title. Happy hunting!

And of course, someone (-cough- with a blue streak I think -cough-) has been trying to sabotage Prom this year! I urge you to join the Prom Planning Committee and help us fight back against this party-ruining pretender.

Contest Winners

Cyndaquil49The British Commonwealth countries celebrated Victoria Day on Monday (aka a day off of school and work! wheee). In honor of this holiday, MyaWooz tasked Star of the Week contestants to wear their best formalwear in royal blue. Said Mya of winner Cyndaquil49: “Flawlessly blending royal blue and an effortlessly aristocratic purple, our latest Star is totally ready to rule Prom. Congrats Cyndaquil!”
On Saturday, JennyWooz crowned a WooPetz of the Week (or at least, she would have crowned her if this monkey would stay still!). Congrats to -J-O-S-H- and his adorable pet lulu!

Last week, this paper announced the top 5 songs requested for the Prom 2k15 Playlist. This week, JayWooz showed us some amazing Unitz representing each song on the list! These Unitz will have a special place in the Prom festivities…
The very on-theme Neon Lights” by Demi Lovato got a great Unitz created by katiekat00!
-Colton- created a dreamy blue dance party for Maroon5’s “Sugar!
Getting into the bold groove ofUptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, Efhone‘s black-and-gold Unitz stood out from the rest!
For the slow jamz, o-woo created a fittingly somber, hauntingly beautiful Unitz inspired by Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.
In her song Dear Future Husband, Meghan Trainor sends a strong message about love and romance. X-Abercrombie-X‘s lovely Unitz would make her proud!
Be sure to check out all these party-ready Unitz before the big night!

Articles from Woozens

Prom Fashion Ideas by Chanel185
Hey fashionistas, excited for prom? I know right! Here are some tips on how to look amazing and have an awesome night!
1. Since theme is ”Neon Rave” you should totally try to rock neon colors such as: hot pink, neon blue, green… This is your time to shine, so go all crazy.
2. Makeup: Try red lips – they can always add touch of glam and look so classic on you!
3. Shape of dress: Of course, you can wear any dress that you like. However, for darker skin short dresses look much better then long ones, and for pale skin flowy, long dress would work amazingly well!
4. Hairstyle: It’s all about ponytail and hair bun, also side braid or just any kind of braid will sure look pretty!
5. Want to take a lot of selfies? Don’t forget to bring some beauty essentials!
It’s always important to have confidence, be happy, have fun, and don’t care too much! Enjoy your prom and I hope I helped you a little bit!

We Never Go Out of Stylz! by TynonClaire
Hey Woozens! I have a good feeling that Stylz will be making a huge comeback!
Last week, WoozWorld released fabulous Woozens’ Choice outfits, which was then transported, limited time, to Stylz! Tons and TONS of Woozens are happy, and they want more! Hopefully, there will be more outfits released in Stylz soon! x)
We all wait in anticipation for the news, and hopefully Prom Outfits will be released into the Stylz shop, too. It would be magnificent.
Never go out of Style, guys! xoxo

[Editors’ Note: Mya did indeed add the new Prom outfits to Stylz! For more on this boutique, check out Myleyvip‘s article on Woozworld Burst. -LW]

How to Make Eventz by fikro
Dear readers, first what you need to do is to make a cool event and attractive for woozens that comes there… You do that by clicking “edit” underneath your Unitz title. You go to “Create eventz” and there you can write title of your event, type of event and notes to describe your Unitz. Then you have to invite your friends to come and afterwards you need to invite Woozens. Remember to invite in public Unitz so you don’t disturb eventz made by another Woozen. In public Unitz, you invite by typing any text and clicking the running man icon next to the text box. Your event will be there; click on it to invite and press ok or enter. When enough people are in your Unitz come back and start your event!

(If you’d like to submit an article to the WoozPaper, visit the WoozNewz HQ Unitz in Woozworld!)

Fansite Corner

Ever wondered what it’s like to join one of Woozworld’s Woozen-run dance crews? To be completely honest, I had no idea these existed until this fascinating article by dancer mikaskye from Woozapalooza. Maybe if you ask nicely, she’ll give you dance lessons before the Prom party rolls around! B)

Until next Friday!