WoozPaper Vol. 156

Happy Friday Woozens!

The Prom prep continued this week, with nominations for Prom King & Queen now open in the Prom Planning HQ Unitz! There you can submit a written nomination explaining why you think someone would make a good Prom King or Queen. The Woozband will be picking a few nominees based on both the number (quantity) and reasoning (quality) of their nominations. Remember, don’t nominate yourself or you’ll be removed from the running!

In other Promtastic news, JayWooz announced the five songs that you can use to inspire a tuneful party Unitz:
– “Neon Lights” by Demi Lovato
– “Sugar” by Maroon 5
– “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
– “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith
– “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor
Which one is your favorite Prom party jam? B)

Contest Winners

SOTW_EN_cat294In preparation for neon Prom 2k15, MyaWooz asked Star of the Week contestants to “werk” neon formalwear at last Sunday’s SOTW show. I got a quick soundbite from Woozworld’s fashion queen regarding this winning outfit: “cat294 wowed us all with her super-creative combination of full-length gown and maxi skirt! And then she was able to flawlessly incorporate a difficult neon color code on top of all that! -fans self- We had a clear winner with this Promtastic kitty-cat xx”
(BTW, you can read wwsocial-owner‘s interview with the Star on his official fan blog!)

This week, JennyWooz announced the winners of her Mothers Day Video Challenge. Congrats to:
– oXAliceXo for her heartfelt Mothers Day entry
– LilEmsy4 for showing us some of the many roles that moms can play
– loda9 for her advice on Mothers’ Day gifts
– Hersheykissyum for her incredible step-by-step guide to Mothers’ Day prep
– AyenSiennaTan for her acrostic Mothers’ Day poem
Your creativity was a nice shoutout to all the moms out there and all the hard work and nice things they do for us!

Articles from Woozens

Prom Prep by -Cruella-de-Vil-
Hey Woozens! This week, it’s all about Prom! From the title itself, it’s going to be Neon for sure! “Tell me when to glow: A Neon Rave,” sounds absolutely EXCITING! Are you all getting ready for Prom? Ooh, I bet that you people have already decided on what you’re going to wear. It’s going to be so fabulous! But most importantly, YOU are going to be super fabulous!
The only question is… Who do you think is deserving to win the title “Prom Queen 2k15”? I know that Woozens are going to be voting for popular ones, especially VIPs. Well, we should vote those Woozens that aren’t just looks, but vote those Woozens who are kind. Always remember that looks aren’t that important, but the HEART is.
Well, we’re going to find out about it soon enough!
We’re all deserving to be Prom Queen, don’t think less of yourself. Chin up, and hold your head up high. Now get those pretty faces and gorgeous gowns, for sure, one step on the Prom floor, you’ll WOW the town! 😉

A Good Deed for Prom by Clap
There are better aspects of being a Prom King or Queen besides the fame and attention you receive. One of the many is by merely doing a simple genuine act, for example, complimenting others you come across will give  you pure happiness, isn’t that great? Vote for the Woozen you think that deserves the most and not what the majority thinks, because you cannot predict what to expect. It might be the Woozens you love or it could even turn out to be you!  😀

How to Avoid Scamming by brunojacker
Before you have a deal with gifting for rare or Beex, etc., check first the Woozens’ Wallz and Unitz comments. If you see “TRUSTED” on their Wallz it means the Woozen that you’re dealing with is a TRUSTED user not a SCAMMER. To make sure that she/he is TRUSTED message the Woozens that wrote “TRUSTED” on their Wallz to make sure that they were not ‘paid’ to write “TRUSTED” on your trading partner’s Wallz.

(If you’d like to submit an article to the WoozPaper, visit the WoozNewz HQ Unitz in Woozworld!)

Fansite Corner

Like many Woozens, Woozworld’s Fansites have been buzzing about Prom this week!

For Woozworld Prom clothing and fashion ideas, check out 10cece10‘s guide on DeadlineReWritten.

Over on Woozworld Little Secrets, stellaluna24 offers some real-life Prom night tips and advice!

Until next Friday!