WoozPaper Vol. 155

Happy Friday Woozens!

This week has been all about Prom, Prom, Prom! If you haven’t heard, Prom this year is going be glowing with neon style, and there are plenty of ways for you to make your voice heard. Be sure to join the Prom Planning Committee by checking your Objectivz starting TODAY to get the inside scoop on all things Prom!

Contest Winners

sotw_en_bgcsarahLast Sunday, -BcgSarah- snagged the coveted Star of the Week title by mixing and matching some great pieces from the most recent batch of Woozen-designed outfits. Congrats, Sarah!

This week, JayWooz announced his top picks for the supersweet Unitz Design contest! Congrats to zelda989, SpeedZCASH, and lara492 for their winning Unitz.


Articles from Woozens

Jenny’s Birthday Party by xxxLoveForeverxx
Jenny’s Birthday Party was a blast, Many Woozens showed up to see the Birthday girl. Zack even showed up, Do you think they will get together? Jenny friend-zoned ZackWooz. ;o Poor Zack! x’D Jenny wanted to have Woozens and bring her Wishes for her Birthday. Many Woozens wished her “Hook up with ZackWooz again.” Many Others, “I want you back with Maxwooz.” Who will Jenny be with next? Rejection, with Maxwooz and ZackWooz… Jenny’s birthday party was fun and had many memories made. Thanks again Jenny!

Monkey WooPetz by Neen
Hey woozens! Neen here, and I want to talk about the NEW monkey woopetz!!
As Max said the new monkey woopetz and its clothing such as filis hair, short side braid, mohawk hairdo and many more are now available both in shopz and store :O (the clothing is only available in store) Like every unitz I go to, have a looooot of monkeys
just chillin’ and moving around. They really look cool, fun, and very adorable too! Seems like the woozens are all loving it. BUT! If you buy the Monkey King in store you will have more fun playing with it, because not only does it talk and juggle balls
it also can JUMP!!! Like very high up! To make it jump just click the “jump” button at the very right end of your woopetz’s controller. Awesome right? So what are you waiting for?! Buy now! before it’s gone!! and have fun with the all new monkey woopetz.

How to Earn Beex by QueenRosie1
Hey everyone! Today I’lll be giving you some tips on making beex! Everyone wants beex! Whether it’s to buy a new dres from Shopz or make a fantastic unit, everyone wnats it! Here are some simple ways to get beex:
1) Vote others! Every time you use your votes, you get prestige and beex! So not only will you help someone level or level yourself up, but you’ll ge tbeex for it too!
2) Complete achievements! Every time you complete one, you get beex and a cool title!
3) Look for lost items (Woozband Lost Item Quests) If you’ve already collected the items once, you get 10 beex each time after that that you collect them!
Those are some simple ways to make beex, hope I helped! FInd more awesome tips like these at Woozworld Spies!

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Fansite Corner

Even online, we need to remember our manners. Thanks to DarkImpulse and his fellow Spies for these helpful etiquette tips!

Until next Friday!