WoozPaper Vol. 154

Happy Friday Woozens!

And Happy Birthday JennyOur favorite pink-haired baker’s birthday was on Monday, April 27, but she’s celebrating TODAY with a sweet tea party. Be sure to attend and show her a little love.

This week, we finally made our way our the Woozworld Rainforest, having found a zany, curious new monkey WooPetz at the lost Temple of the Monkey! These adorable, clever little creatures range from snobby to suave, royal to ridiculous, and we love them all. (Seriously, I’m obsessed with my monkeys. Share some of your fave monkey moments on my WoozIn!)

As voted on by you Woozens, this year’s Prom theme is officially “Tell Me When to Glow”: A Neon Rave. I have to say, I’m intrigued by this theme, a little different from the glamorous ones of past years. Now that the theme has been chosen, MyaWooz announced that she’s seeking Woozen ideas for glowing, glamorous formalwear that fits the Neon Rave theme. Good luck, Woozworld designers!

Contest Winners

SOTW_EN_football-manThis week’s Star was Football-man, an Artpop Prince that rocked his rainforest chic outfit all the way to the #1 spot. (BTW, you can read an interview with the Star and Deadline ReWritten‘s stomp-it-up!)

On (her birthday) Monday, Jenny announced the winners of her Earth Day Video Challenge this week. Congrats to crystlefire, Hazelisthename, Hershys, katiekat00, and snoopdoggydog20 for their winning submissions with advice on keeping our planet happy and healthy! You can check out all the winners’ videos in Jenny’s Video Challenge Unitz.

Articles from Woozens

Spread the SmileZ by puddie88
Have you heard the exciting news? I’ve launched a new exciting anti-bullying campaign called Spread The SmileZ! This Woozworld-based campaign strives towards cyber bullying awareness and also helps give victims of cyber bullying a voice. I know it isn’t the nicest tee but our signature tee is a smiley tee (because smiles LOL get it?) So if you want to help make a difference join the cause today! Check out our official blog that has information on cyber bullying, inspiring stories about cyber bullying and helpful tips that can help you if you are being cyber bullied.

Have You Heard? by -J-O-S-H-
Have you heard? Apparently Zack is now good again! Can we trust him? Is he just trying to suck us into a sneaky trap? According to Jay, he hasen’t always trusted him. Will Jenny go crawling back to Zack? Will Max and Zeena be a thing? Oh, but we forgot. Our favorite ship couple, May or Jya! Mya and Jay might be a future couple… will it ever happen? Hopefully we get more details in the future!

How to Live Life Better by sabrina903
How to live life better:
1) Put yourself first. When I say this I don’t mean to not care about anyone, but start making yourself a priority and do what makes you HAPPY.
2) Start to eat healthier and maybe even go to a gym. Eating healthier isn’t about dieting, I eat healthy because I don’t want to encounter any health concerns in the future; eating healthy has been proven to make people feel more energized and active. When I say eat healthy I don’t mean to throw all your chips out, or to stop sneaking those treats from the cabinets cx I mean try to incorporate some fruits or even vegetables in your diet. The gym also helps me be positive because it gives me confidence, and also helps to release stress. Also drink tons of water! (Not only is it good for you it gives you flawless skin.)
3) Set goals. Start to set goals in your life; I’m not saying running around the whole world in 24 hours (you could try though! c;). I’m saying to put goals like maybe you will start taking care of yourself more, or to start opening up to people, or even to walk your pet more.
4) Know your worth. STOP underestimating yourself and start standing up for yourself, if your having a fight with a friend call them out on what they’re doing and tell them how you feel! Don’t bottle up your feelings. (PS: if they are a true friend they should respect you speaking your mind.) Wake up every morning and look in the mirror and compliment yourself, for example, your hair or maybe your eyes or even your foot! :)
5) Positivity. Stop blaming the world around you, start looking at things positively, you may have a week of dark/sad days but I assure you will have a month of happiness afterwords! :)

These are just some of my tips on how i stay positive and happy! I hope they work for you all!.

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Fansite Corner

Now that the Woozworld app for Android(TM) has been available for over a week, check out wwsocial-owner‘s review (with pictures) on his blog SocialWooz.

Until next Friday!