WoozPaper Vol. 152

Happy Friday Woozens!

After a long hiatus, the WoozPaper is back and better than ever and your number-one source of Woozworld newz! A lot of great stuff has happened while our paper was out of circulation, but let’s just focus on the week that was.

This week, we launched into a deep exploration of the Woozworld Rainforest, led by the intrepid GoodoldWooz, in search of the lost Temple of the Monkey. Along the way, you may have spotted some poor trapped animals to save. Good luck on your quest!

MaxWooz hosted a special exclusive Android(TM) info event on Wednesday afternoon. Owners and bloggers for official Woozworld fansites were invited to ask questions about our app for Android, answered by a real Woozworld Tech Team member who’s been working on the app. The biggest piece of news? The app will launch next Thursday, April 23rd!

Contest Winners

JennyWooz announced the winners of this week’s Video Challenge, “A Spring Story,” here. Congratulations to cutemads, alexrider1, -StarSophia-, xElliot, and ejmeto-backup! We certainly have some great young directors in Woozworld.

We were also super impressed by the number of Woozworld fansites we received! You can find links to all of them in the WoozNewz HQ Unitz. (You can also submit articles for this paper in that Unitz… just sayin’.)

Articles from Woozens

Maze Craze by blackego
Hey woozens! Its blackego to tell you the craze about mazes! Quizes and mazes have been created, now that you can add passwords to your teleport pod. Watch out for the craze of the maze! Mazes are CONTAGIOUS so be careful.


Woozband & Easter Updates by mang
WOOZWORLD: a social networking site is a good place on the internet where teen twen children can play safe. Over the past few month many things had happen in the woozworld and the most IMPORTANT THING is that there is a new member in the Woozband named ZACKWOOZ. It was a difficult time for Woozworld, JENNY had fallen asleep but Jenny’s true friends JAY, MAX, MYA and ZACKWOOZ rescued her from the danger. And then for Easter Woozworld gave us new hair and clothes, such outstanding clothes and hair. A tribute to Woozworld for such a good quality.

A Cautionary Tale by CookieLovesSafyX

A girl named Julia was new to woozworld. She needed help and saw everybody helping another newbie, Jane. She walked up to them and asked for help, but they just laughed at her and walked away, following Jane. Julia eyed Jane: VIP, new rich clothes… Then she looked down onto her outfit. It was the average newbie outfit that was in the suitcase that was in her room when she joined. She frowned and turned back, to her unit, then she felt somebody’s hand touch her shoulder. This somebody was a girl, pale and tall.

“Hello, said the girl, are you new here?”
“Yes.. I am,” Julia replied.
“Aww, do you need any help?”
“Yes… How do I earn wooz & beex?”
“Umm.. I’ll give you a link for free wooz & beex! 😀 It will give you unlimited beex & wooz! You need to enter your account details in and we’ll give you the stuff!”
“Wow! Thanks!” said Julia.
Julia went on the link and entered her info.
“I’ve done it!” said Julia to the tall pale girl.
“Good, I’ll go on your account now! It’ll be ready by tommorow!”
Julia logged off and went to play some other games while she thought the girl was giving her beex & wooz.
She waited in excitement for her account.
The next day, Julia tried logging on. ‘Incorrect password or email’
“No-o-o-o! I’ve been hacked!”

NEVER give out your account information to anybody or any site.

Fansite Shoutout

In this section, we’ll be showcasing a nice post from one of the official Woozworld fansites mentioned above.

This week, we were super-impressed by CelieLove37‘s coverage of the exclusive Android info session! Check it out for Q&A info, pics, and even a video of the event.

Until next Friday!