WoozPaper Vol.147

Hey Woozens!

Every week Woozens give us the inside look on what’s happening in Woozworld! Look at our latest Woozens articles to see what the buzz is all about.Last week’s collection was all part of the fan celebration festivities! Great work Avyta , Aeropostale ,xOsummermoonOx and Insanee1 for the great designs!

This week is all about the fans ! The Pajamas contest was a big hit , Woozens from the four cornors of the world have enterd their designs! With so many great ideas coming in one after the next ,its quite a challenge to find the winners!

The new Marketplace was received with open arms by fellow Woozens !Now it’s much easier to sell and buy items from anywhere in Woozworld.


What’s new in Woozworld this week?

  • New Unitz Design contest ! Create a very chic café  with the Woozen café furniture.The winner will be announced on Monday sept.9 th
  • The New collection is inspired by Woozen designs ideas!! So creative!Check out these adorable pajama’s in store now!
  • Jasmine Villegas will be visiting Woozworld very soon!
  • SOTW is Foxfacekep ! Congratz!

Articles from Woozens


User Week by cherrydotz

Hi cherrydotz here and as you all know this week is  user week! To celebrate user week there are exclusive outfits in the store that were designed by user just like you! There awesome my fave is the one that’s a top with a cut out heart on the back and a big skirt but i also luv the pink ballerina inspired out fit and the cute “geek” one! Whatever one ya get ya know  ya got something by users for user! Happy user week


Interesting weeks by crazyivybrooks

Well, Woozens these few weeks have been interesting. This Year 2013 Woozworld is doing its very own pajama’s contest. For all you craztive minds out there come up with the best pajamas. Woozband Themselves Will hand pick the best ones and their might be a special prize in it for you. As you know Jaywooz has had his Birthday Party. He says it was fly cool part and it was the best one he ever had. Maxwooz couldn’t stop eating Jay’s delicious cake and it was hard for him to stop. They all had a good time and everyone had a blast. They had a special surprise for Jay. It was XBITZ Jay Was Surprised to See Him and He Says Two Superstars in one unit. Small world isn’t it. The New jasmine unit’s came out!!! Everyone Is Excited. Tons of people are going in that unit. If you haven’t checked out her new song check it out. I myself reviewed it and I have to say it is a really amazing song. New Outfits have just arrived and they are Amazing. I can’t wait to buy one. Remember to buy if you haven’t already they are just fabulous, I love them :).Well, that’s all for today that was the news From Ivy, ( The Wooz Gooz :) )


Mix and match by vip-4ever

hey woozens! Vip-4ever here, AKA vivi :3, anyways, as you guys know, this week is the first week of fan celebration! 3 woozens have come out with some styling outfits! i think it’s so cool because fashion lovers (such as myself) get to summit fashion designs to woozworld, and get a chance to show the woozens of woozworld their awesome sense of fashion! But that’s not the only way to show your style! You could also be unique and mix and match outfits, and colors! It’s always important to express yourself, and fashion is how I express myself! How do you woozens do?


 Until next Week Woozens!