WoozPaper Vol.146

Hey Woozens!

Jay’s Birthday is coming up and we’ve got a Party to plan for Friday! There’s nothing better than a great party with good music and loyal friends to make it perfect, please join us on Friday! For more information check out the Woozworld Blog

This week has been pretty calm, but we’ve only saved up our energy for the next weeks to come! Parties, contests, new fashion, star of the week, games and all sorts of surprises! Can’t wait to see you there!


What’s new in Woozworld this week?

  • Jay’s Birthday Unitz design contest  all infos in game and on the blog
  • Jenny’s Design your own Pajama contest
  • New Vip Packs and the New collection  all on store
  • Monster Hunterz Hall of Fame will open !

Articles from Woozens


Back-to-school Eventz by TheBrownRecluse

Summer is coming to a close, my beloved Woozens. But that doesn’t mean we here at WzW can’t go out with a BANG! Why don’t you throw an amazing back-to-school event? Here are some ideas for you to keep summer exciting with a line-worthy party!

-You can’t go wrong with Prom Tilelights! Only a couple Wooz apiece, so covering your dance floor with them won’t cost you much.
-Get some flashy lighting. Everyone loves a disco ball and spotlights add a red-carpet look to any event.
-Of course, the very BEST way to attract visitors is party games. When the prize is trendy clothes, those competitions get pretty fierce!
-Do you know someone who’s Woozworld famous? Ask them to make an appearance. You’ll have fans and paparazzi lining the streets.
-And finally, put out some mannequins. Everybody loves a good deal on attire. Speaking of attire, I recommend Rebellious or Kitty Hat hair for the lovely ladies.

Catch ya later Woozens!


Creative by Britneypab

Hey woozens! Did you hear about the new ”Pajama Design Contest!? I bet it’s really fun!!! I might even design one myself! It does sound really fun.I know a lot of Woozens wish to be a designer for Woozworld, and Love designing! I like drawing, especially making my own outfit design on paper! The best part about drawing AND designing clothes is that you can do anything you want! You can be AS creative as possible! What will YOU design? How creative can YOU get?   I also heard a lot of Woozens are going back to school! And some are already back in school! I bet a lot of you went on a back2School Shopping spree! I sure did. How do you feel about school? Do you like school? What are your favourite subjects/activities? I can’t wait to go back to school!!! xxx <3



New Collection by Lexiecyd


GUESS WHAT’s happening in Woozworld this very week!? New outfits and you have to check em out because they are totally fabulous if i do say so myself. If you are celebrating your birthday this month, then this week is just for you! You should really check out the NEW BIRTHDAY CLOTHES and every day when you come on Woozworld you will see a reminder to check out the new party clothes. I know I’m saying “check out the party clothes” that’s because this week the clothes are so fabou. You reeeaaallllyyyyy need to check them out and if you don’t you are missing out on some really cute clothes and boys here’s a tip if you want to impress your girlfriend or anybody special to you: You really need to check out these because if you don’t I will “die “so if you promise then say out loud “I will check out the new BIRTHDAY clothes” do you promise?


 Until next Week Woozens!