WoozPaper Vol. 145

Happy Friday Woozens!

WNS 2013 is over and we’ve been enjoying our superstar status by hitting the beach this week!  There’s nothing better during the summer than some time on Paradise Izland.  This week has been pretty relaxed, but we’ve heard there’s a lot more to this Izland than meets the eye… Time to do some exploring!

We want to remind all Woozens that bullying and any kind of inappropriate behavior(language, conduct, or Unitz) will not be tolerated in Woozworld.  If you aren’t clear on what’s expected of you, please read the Code of Conduct(click the link!).  Mods are here to make sure you can enjoy Woozworld safely and securely!  Please help them do their job by reporting inappropriate behavior (see the Help Center Unitz for more information).

Articles from Woozens

Reporting Live from Hot Now! by Trendy123u
Lately, a team of intelligent Woozens and I have been visiting Hot Now Unitz to check out what some of these creative Woozens have been up to. The most common name was Speed Dating. I saw a lot of people doing “Free if you…”, Truth or Dare, Trade Center, High School, McDonald’s, Adoption Center, and games. These Unitz all had something unique, whether it was the color they used or the pattern, or even how willing the owners of the Unitz were.  I saw a lot of nice behavior from everyone! Good job Woozens!!!!!

WoozRidez by Callierox15
Hey Woozens!  A brand-new hot car dealz is out! Introducing the new WoozRidez! Now we can all have our very own and make it look snazzy! We can act like mechanics in a way and make our WoozRidez the best out there!
There’s a competition happening and woozens, you don’t want to miss this! Collect as many WoozRidez as possible and snazz them up. You’ll be the new WoozRidez collector! Don’t forget the prize; you definitely don’t want to miss out on that!
Get them all: The Lil Looper, the Columbuz & the Stomerz.
It’s the new big thing! Don’t miss out! Good luck woozens! :)
Callie (:

Style Section: Beach wear! by purplebloom
Hi your reporter Purplebloom here! Woozworld is going CRAZY about the new summer outfits!!! MyaWooz is a big hit due to her new fashions. Even I want to save up to get one!!
The colors most woozens are wearing are: neon purple, black, white, JennyWooz pink, mint green, and light blue. I have been walking around Woozworld seeing that Woozens are wearing all the new fashions and hoping that they win Star of the Week! I do yoo 😀 Byee. Purplebloom

Until next Friday Woozens!