WoozPaper Vol. 144

Happy Friday Woozens!

The WNS Gala is TONIGHT at 4PM WT!  The Woozworld’s Next Superstar: Lyrics of Love Edition contest has filled the Woozworld air with romance, talent, excitement, and anticipation!  Be sure to check out the four finalists’ videos on the Woozband’s WoozIn pages or Woozworld’s YouTube channel, and vote for your favorite photo reel in the WNS Stadium Unitz.  We’re so excited we can hardly stand it!

We want to remind all Woozens that bullying and any kind of inappropriate behavior (language, conduct, or Unitz) will not be tolerated in Woozworld.  If you aren’t clear on what’s expected of you, please read the Code of Conduct (click the link!).  Mods are here to make sure you can enjoy Woozworld safely and securely!  Please help them do their job by reporting inappropriate behavior (see the Help Center Unitz for more information).

Articles from Woozens

WoozGuidez, Fourth of July, and WNS by Lyfaa
Hello Wooz gals and Wooz boys! This week had been exciting! With WNS, WoozGuidez, Fourth of July, and many more!!
Let’s start with always amazing WoozGuidez. The WoozGuidez are: coolgirlm, CreepersGoBOOM, and ygrittesnow. Ask them for help on anything! They have a dark blue or royal blue text bubble and may be wearing the WoozGuidez shirt.
NEXT! Fourth of July – Mya had updated shops for Fourth of July with some amazingly cute gear! AND there’s a Fourth of July Quest – have fun Woozens!
ONE MORE THING WOOZENS!! Adorable WNS Babiz are now available in the Store SOOOOOO CUTE!
Well I will end in a joke! Why do cows wear bells?
Because their horns don’t work.

Woozworld’s Next Superstar Galawear by cooltz
It’s time to break your piggy bank because the WNS Gala is out in Store! These new outfits feature the latest fashion in Woozworld. Clothes from long, shimmery dresses to the finest of tuxedos. Don’t forget to bring your camera because you’ll be taking an endless amount of pictures! Be sure to buy them in the Woozworld Store!

Making Your Own Shop by SpearMints
Hey Guys! It’s SpearMints here and today I’ll be giving you guys some tips on making a store in WoozWorld!
Step 1: Find the right Unitz.  You’ll need to find the right type of Unitz to fit your shop and your style! Some color schemes may go well with different Unitz.  If you have a lot to sell, you need a bigger Unitz.
Step 2: Find out what you want to sell.  What will you be selling? Clothes? Furniture? Have in mind which items from your inventory you’ll be selling.
Step 3: Get the Shop Podz!  To sell things in WoozWorld, you’ll need Shop Podz. Find the ones you like and put them in your Unitz. Then, put the stuff you’ll be selling in them. You might want to have a couple for different categories of things you sell.
Step 4: Advertize!  Go to a Unitz in the Hot Now (preferably one that is not owned by another Woozen, but rather a public Unitz) and start advertizing! Say things like “I’m selling cute clothes for girls at low prices! Come check it out!” Don’t say something like “plz come.” That makes you sound like you’re begging, and you didn’t even say what to come for!
So those are my tips! Hope they helped! Happy shop-making!  SpearMints

Until next Friday Woozens!