WoozPaper Vol. 142

Happy Friday Woozens!

We’re all on our way to being superstars!  This year’s Woozworld’s Next Superstar competition is the Lyrics of Love edition.  Be sure to make a photo reel (12-15 photos) as the “music video” or your favorite love song!  And don’t forget to dress to impress like the star you are 😉  And speaking of starz, be sure to catch all the latest updates about One Direction’s “Take Me Home” North American tour from our own Star Reporter, LilyWooz!

This week, we were also introduced to the WoozGuidez, an elite new team of woozens that will help Woozworld’s Moderation Team by assisting new and returning woozens with their problems, showing new woozens around Woozworld, and reporting any inappropriate behavior.

We want to remind all Woozens that bullying and any kind of inappropriate behavior (language, conduct, or Unitz) will not be tolerated in Woozworld.  If you aren’t clear on what’s expected of you, please read the Code of Conduct (click the link!).  Mods are here to make sure you can enjoy Woozworld safely and securely!  Please help them do their job by reporting inappropriate behavior (see the Help Center Unitz for more information).

Articles from Woozens

Woozworld’s Next Superstar!!!! by XxchocalatexX
Oh My God! I’ve waited forever; I can’t wait to do my video and try to win, never giving up :3! The new fashion is amazing! Thanks to Mya 😀 and Jenny’s inspirations! Oh, the Country outfit it just so cute right ;D! The Bubblegum Pop clothes are popalicious! Good job Mya and Jenny <3

Have You Heard About the WoozGuidez? by lolmarigop
Hi guys, have you heard about WoozGuidez? Yes, I think you have XD All the woozens are trying like crazy to be one! :) That’s awesome because many woozens are more helpful now. Why?  Simply because WoozGuidez apply to help new woozens! I don’t know if its sounds crazy but I’m worried that woozens will stop being helpful when this contest is done… Soo remember woozens, we are all WoozGuidez in our own way! ;D Start to be helpful, woozens!! THIS IS THE MEANING OF WOOZGUIDEZ! 😀

Style Section: Fashion for This Week! by milica108
For girls:
Hair: Prom Goddess Hair or Cloe’s in the Wild hair
Top: Dress that POPs or Directorz Shirt and Vest for Her
Pants: Spring Heartbreaker Lace Short
Shoes: Prom Goddess Hells
For boys!
Hair: The New Poet
Top: Denim Cowboy Shirt
Pants: Tie-Dye Jeans
Shoes: Directorz Kicks for Him
I hope you like it ^^ XOXO MILLY X3

Until next Friday Woozens!