WoozPaper Vol. 136

Happy Friday Woozens!

We’re so excited to see Princess Mariko at Mya’s Late Night Show tonight! We’re brushing up on our best etiquette to meet royalty.  This Chop-Chop Ninja Princess is pretty fabulous, and we’re sure she and Mya will hit it off.  This is one Late Night Show you won’t want to miss!

We also want to remind all Woozens that bullying and any kind of inappropriate behavior (language, conduct, or Unitz) will not be tolerated in Woozworld.  If you aren’t clear on what’s expected of you, please read the Code of Conduct (link below).  Mods are here to make sure you can enjoy Woozworld safely and securely!  Please help them do their job by reporting inappropriate behavior (see the Help Center Unitz for more information).  http://www.woozworld.com/codeOfConduct

Weekend Eventz

Saturday, May 11th at 10 AM WT (11AM EST), JayWooz will take a break from watching basketball to host Woozlympics: Hurdles. Get ready for action!

Later on Saturday, at 12 PM WT (1PM EST)MyaWooz will host the Star of the Week competition.  Meet Mya and three woozens judges in her Fashion Show Unitz wearing your best Manga outfit and strut your stuff on the catwalk for a chance to win!

On Sunday, May 12th, starting at 12PM WT (1PM EST), JennyWooz will be visiting Mother’s Day Display Eventz! Use the new Mother’s Day Unitz and flower statue furniture, and create a Display Eventz honoring mothers everywhere. Jenny may pay you a visit!

Don’t forget to tell your mom how much you love her on Sunday!


Next Week’s Schedule

Schedule for May 13th – 17th
Day Event Time Animator
Monday What the Wooz?! 6:30 PM WT JayWooz
Tuesday Video Challenge (theme in Hot Topicz) JennyWooz
Wednesday Max’s Game Show 5:30 PM WT MaxWooz
Thursday Woozen Quest Design Challenge (check Hot Topicz) MaxWooz
Friday Late Night Show with Mya 6:30 PM WT MyaWooz

Articles from Woozens

Manga by  xXGuraffeXx
Manga is now becoming a major part of Woozworld, with Spellz, clothes and make up!
Some woozens were wondering what the heck manga is!  If you’re still not sure here what it is:
Manga is a Japanese comic style invented in the late 19th century.
In Japan, people of all ages read manga. The medium includes works in a broad range of genres: action-adventure, romance, sports and games, historical drama, comedy, science fiction and fantasy, mystery, suspense, detective, horror, and business/commerce, and so on.
That’s practically what it is. And don’t forget it’s pretty addictive to even if you’re not much of a reader.
Hope to see more manga supporters out there!

Woozen Quests by selenamiley987
OMG!  The quests are back in the Woozen Quests Unitz and I’m gonna tell you some tips on how to get your Unitz published :) :
1 – Make the Unitz about something YOU like! It will help make the Unitz better. You don’t want to do something about things you don’t know; it won’t make it as great.
2 – Be creative! Don’t be afraid to decorate about the theme of your maze, quest etc.
3 – Let the Unitz describe what you want.  If you want a fantabulous Unitz about pets then let it be. Never think about what others think will about it, it’s your Unitz and it’s great :)
Hope that helped you :) have a lovely day

Style Section: Style of the Week by cherubimzie
What’s the style for this week?
For girls:
-Bratz Hairs
-Zombie legs
-Manga Lolita outfits C;
-Rebellion hair for her
-Kitty hair
-Tube top
-Mini shorts
For boys:
-Flip and Switch
-Mr. Mustache
-Rockstar Vest
-Zombie legs
-Rebel Mohawk
-New Poet
And colors for boys and girls are:
Boys: Blue and white C;
Girls: Light pink :)
That’s all guys!  Thank you :)  -cherubimzie xoxo

Until next Friday Woozens!