WoozPaper Vol. 134

Happy Friday Woozens!

And Happy Birthday Jenny! We’re so excited for the big party tonight, and we hope you are too!  SunSet916 did a great job on her Ranch Party Unitz, and we know she’ll be a great co-hostess of the party.  We’ll see you at 5PM WT for a wild wild West time on a very stylish ranch!

We also want to remind all Woozens that bullying and any kind of inappropriate behavior (language, conduct, or Unitz) will not be tolerated in Woozworld.  If you aren’t clear on what’s expected of you, please read the Code of Conduct (link below).  Mods are here to make sure you can enjoy Woozworld safely and securely!  Please help them do their job by reporting inappropriate behavior (see the Help Center Unitz for more information).  http://www.woozworld.com/codeOfConduct

Weekend Eventz

Saturday, April 27th at 12PM WT (1PM EST) is the Star of the Week Competition, the coolest fashion show in Woozworld.  To enter the contest, meet the three woozen judges and MyaWooz in her Fashion Show Unitz.  This week’s theme is Horseback Riding, so come looking your cowboy/cowgirl/equestrian best!

On Sunday, April 28th, starting at 12PM WT (1PM EST), JayWooz is bringing back VIP Freestyle with the theme My Best Friend, so you may enter as a team of two if you’d like. But here’s the catch: in order to enter as a duo, you and your partner must wear matching themed outfits!  So get those outfits coordinated, and write a 6-line maximum poem or rap to show off your skillz!


Next Week’s Schedule

Schedule for April 29th – May 3rd
Day Event Time Animator
Monday What the Wooz?! 6:30 PM WT MaxWooz
Tuesday Video Challenge (theme in Hot Topics) JennyWooz
Wednesday Max’s Game Show 6:30 PM WT MaxWooz
Friday Late Night Show with Mya 6:30 PM WT MyaWooz

Articles from Woozens

Mamma Mia! by  prettygirl189na
Birthdays, and prizes, and goodies OH MY! There’s no place like Woozworld! Hey Woozens, your reporter Prettygirl here!
Who here is super excited? Jenny’s Birthday party today! And so many gorgeous outfits in the ShopZ! And now we have Birthday Goody Bags available in the Woozworld Store with many prizes inside! We even have a… MEGA BAG! The amazing things Woozworld is giving us! And let’s all give a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO JENNYWOOZ!!!! WOOO JENNY! Rock that style girl 😉
Thanks and this is my first time on the WoozBlog! Love you Woozens -Prettygirl

Style Section: April Trends by LondonChik3
Hi readers! I’m LondonChik3.  APRIL 2013! In style this month:
-Winter Boots
-Bustier Dresses
-Jenny’s Kitty Ears
-Manga Cat Eyes
-Mya’s Vampire Stockings (Fishnets)
-Star Tattoo
-Facial Hair
-Prom King Tux
-Prom Sneakers
The best way for anyone to look stylish is… COLOUR CO-ORDINATION!  Colour co-ordination is a must with popular outfits. Outfits such as the ones above require colour co-ordination to look just right! *Hair* For girls, platinum blonde and chocolate brown are TOTES in right now!  For the bustier outfit, you can colour co-ordinate your outfit with light blue, neon pink, or dark red. For the prom king tux, the sash is best kept black, and the shirt looks best dark red.  If you ever have any colour worries, just consult the colour chart (there’s usually one in an art room) because colours directly across from each other look best together!
That’s all for now, LondonChik3!

Making Unitz Art by insanee1
Hey, I’m insanee1 and I’d just like to share how to make art in Unitz using tiles :)
1. Choose a unit. I recommend the Moon Unitz, Beach Street Unitz or Main Street Unitz as they have a lot of ground space.
2. Count the amount of tiles you can put into your Unitz so you can plan a design in the right size.
3. Design! Search for images from Mine Craft or Mario, count the squares and see if it’ll fit into the Unitz you chose. After some practice you’ll be able to design on your own!
4. Buy tiles from WoozMart.  I suggest ancient paving stone or pile of tiles for brighter colour.  (This takes quite a lot of Beex and is pretty time consuming)
There we go, hope this comes in handy!  Cheers!

Until next Friday Woozens!