WoozPaper Vol. 137

Happy Friday Woozens! Woozens, we’re down to the wire.  Will we be able to unfreeze Princess Mariko in time??  All week we’ve seen dedicated ninja woozens collecting Fire Potions in an effort to thaw ...

A Sequined Surprise!

  • May 31, 2013

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You won't believe your eyes...!! Continue reading

Chop-Chop Ninja Contest!

Hey Woozens! Well, we’re sure you’ve heard the big newz: our friends the Chop-Chop Ninjas are back in Woozworld!  They’ve upgraded the Chop-Chop Ninja app and are here tos share the awesome newz ...

Basketball Weekend

  • May 31, 2013

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My BBQ, bros, and basketball. That's what's up. Continue reading

WoozPaper Vol. 136

Happy Friday Woozens! We’re so excited to see Princess Mariko at Mya’s Late Night Show tonight! We’re brushing up on our best etiquette to meet royalty.  This Chop-Chop Ninja Princess is pretty ...

Mya in Wonderland

  • May 31, 2013

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This weekend I went to an Alice and Wonderland-themed birthday party. It was so cute! Continue reading

WoozPaper Vol. 135

Happy Friday Woozens! Welcome to the ’60s, the grooviest decade of them all.  We’ve had a far out week in GoodOldWooz‘s honor, celebrating the rockin’ era of his youth!  Life moves pretty ...

Hiking “technology” = your legs! LOL

  • May 31, 2013

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Jenny's birthday actually involved very little technology... What a wierdo! XD Continue reading

WoozPaper Vol. 134

Happy Friday Woozens! And Happy Birthday Jenny! We’re so excited for the big party tonight, and we hope you are too!  SunSet916 did a great job on her Ranch Party Unitz, and we know she’ll be a great ...

WoozPaper Vol. 139

Happy Friday Woozens! Glamz Prom is only a week away! Starting today, you’ll see Glamz Crystalz popping up all over Woozworld. Collecting these Crystalz can not only earn you the Ultimate Glamz Prom outfit, ...