Woozen Fairytales!

The Woozband asked you to write your own, original fairytales and WOW! They had NO idea there were so many talented writers in Woozworld!

After carefully reading and reviewing hundreds of stories, they chose their favourites, which you can find below.

Congratulations to the winners! You will be added by Jenny and receive a special prize, as well.

Enjoy these awesome stories, Woozens!

What If Little Red Became Close To The Wolf? by satanicsacrafice

“Don’t get lost!” Little Red’s mom shouted as she went out the door. She was supposed to bring cookies and bread in a basket for her grandmother, but in order to do that she had to go through the woods.

‘Follow the path’ she heard inside her head. No… That wasn’t inside her head.

“Hi! Can I escort you to your destination?” A wolf padded up to her and bared his sharp, yellow teeth.

“But you’re a wolf..” She said, but she continued walking, listening to the stories the Wolf was telling her. “An’ one day I reckon that I actually did catch dat’ squirrel.”

“Nice, story, Mr. Wolf. I bet it was deli—” started Little Red.

“AHHH!!!” “Grandmother!” Little Red dropped her basket and ran into her Grandmother’s house to find a hunter looming over her.

“You aren’t saving your grandmother!” He raised his axe but was cut off by the Wolf, tackling him. The hunter tried to fight back, but the wolf won, swallowing him up.

“You saved us!” Little Red raced forward and hugged him, burying her head in his flank.

“tastes jus’ like squirrel!” said Mr. Wolf.

“We’ll forever be friends, Mr. Wolf!” said Little Red.

The Queen of his Heart by xXPoeticWolfXx

Dazzling. That single word repeated itself in his mind, growing louder with each second as Prince Evan studied Kyla, the center of his focus. She was a waitress at the Pierre Inn- poor, with hands that were no stranger to hard work. He rubbed the back of his neck as she approached, a bright smile upon her face as she said hello. She always seemed surprised to see him.
Evan leaned in, his emerald eyes eagerly seeking out her sapphire ones. At the sight of her, confident and gorgeous, he could not help but to grin. “You look beautiful. As always.” Kyla’s blues flitted away and swept along the room nervously, blushing as she whispered her usual response, “A liar, as always. Shouldn’t you be…?” She didn’t know what royals did in their spare time.
He merely shrugged and bowed low over her hand, pressing a loving kiss to her knuckles, “I’ll be back tomorrow, love.”
Evan returned to the Inn for Kyla each and every day, the moments leading up to sweeter ones until they were happily married… He never gave up for, though she was not born a royal, she’d forever be the queen of his heart.

The North Dragon by BeyondGodAndEvil

The was once a wise and powerful dragon known as the “Dragon of the North”. He ruled over the skies and earth was was revered by any and all who knew of his existence.

One day one of the dragons many creations, known as man, sought to gain more power. They constantly started to harm and destroy their surrounding area to prove their worth to their creator. Once having the attention of the mighty dragon, he spoke asking why they have done such a thing. They said they wanted to be strong and powerful like their creator, for the dragon burned down forests and creatures at his will. But then the dragon began to explain, for he only destroyed to make room for something new. To create something beautiful you must take away what is not. As is what he did with man; in place of the many animals and plant life destroyed, men were created as beings to bring knowledge and curiosity and a new meaning to this world. And thus, with this new understanding, the humans changed their ways willingly, destroying what is bad and wrongly thought in mind, to create a world of imagination within themselves.
Happily ever after.

Jacke the Rabbit by Tearanee

Once upon a time there was a rabbit named Jacke who had 12 brothers and sisters who all shared one bedroom. Jacke was the middle child and hated sharing a bedroom with 12 others. So, one day he decided that he would leave a surprise in every single bed that his family slept in. He left spoiled milk and rotten eggs in their beds. Then he got in so much trouble and got grounded for 12 days; one day for each bed he ruined. He had to work for the money to replace each bed he ruined. One day all 12 of his siblings decided that they would give him all of their chore money. That’s when Jacke decided it’s not too bad sharing a
bedroom with 12 siblings after all. The end.

Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover by fuzzykeens

A troll lived up in the mountains, isolated by the villagers. Everyone had made up an image of him and based their opinions with it.
A girl named Faith came across his cave while picking herbs. The troll stayed back in the shadows with a guarded look. Faith invited the troll over. She was taught to always be kind to others, no matter what. The troll hesitated before accepting the offer.
Faith brought the troll home but when her parents saw the troll walk through the door, they were furious. Faith looked up at them, surprise in her eyes.
“He’s not bad as you make him out to be. You can’t judge a book by its cover.” The parents hesitated and complied, debating if this was a good idea or not.
The troll was beyond happy, the parents were surprised on how well mannered the troll was. Faith’s mom pulled her to the side as the troll offered to clean the dishes.
“You were right, Faith. I should not have judged the troll so quickly.”
From that day forward, everyone welcomed him with open arms. The feeling of acceptance has made his heart clench, the troll was finally accepted.

Not Your Usual Fairytale by LetMeThinkNo

“Avert your eyes, for this is not your usual fairytale. There isn’t a helpless, fragile Princess whose sole purpose is for some Prince to want to marry her. My name is Princess Nala and I will break the misogyny of society..”

With that, the princess set off away from the palace and from her parents who were trying to arrange her a marriage. IF she chose to give her hand to marriage it would be of someone whom SHE approved. On her journey, she stumbled across a castle. Upon entering the castle she was confronted by dragon with deep purple skin, bright green eyes, ready to demolish anything that stood before it. Drawing her legendary sword, Princess Nala faced off against the intractable beast. With one swift, single blow the Princess stained her sword with the blood of the beast. In the chamber, she found a prince trapped in a cage of ice. With her warm kiss and sweet embrace, Princess Nala was able to free him. It was love at first sight. Eventually, they married, had children, ruled their kingdom in peace and lived happily ever after.

Pretty on the Outside, Ugly on the Inside by AshleyMSP

Once there lived a princess named Ally. She was hated by all people in her town. She was gorgeous, beautiful, but always had a nasty attitude. She never helped anyone or did things on her own. She commanded everyone to do everything for her. But one day, her gorgeous hair got stuck in a sewing machine! She called for help but no one came. Finally, after calling for hours, one of her maids came. The maid refused to help her, so the princess offered her a deal. If she helped the princess, she’ll give the maid all her money! The maid agreed and shared the money with the whole town. After that, the princess was always nice to everyone.

Friendship by Happynyan

There were lots of princes and princesses that she’d read about; how they’d all go on amazing journeys and find love in their own magical ways. It wasn’t like that for her, though. She was in a place with no magic and no miracles- not to mention no friends. There was only so much that a girl who was totally ordinary and overlooked could do.

But… she found him. She knew it. He didn’t need to be her soulmate or anything, but he could be her first friend- a kind of love which people overlooked. Platonic love was something she was deprived of, so she knew how valuable it was. With him… she could see it happening.

The Basketball Player by rubyprice

There was a girl who felt she was very short. She was always abused by others for being short.
But she proved others that being short is not a flaw by becoming a basketball player. Later she won a trophy.

100 Years, 100 Gems by Mykala1234–

Once upon a time, there was a dwarf named Issac. He loved playing with potions and spells. His mother was an evil witch that loved giving Issac new spells and potions to destroy the world with. Issac wanted the world to be a good place, though his mother was mean to innocent people. His mother then began to get sick and gave Issac her book of spells and potion formulas. As time ticked, Issac became a young, kind man and found the book after a while. His friends Tess and Gilbert thought he should open up a school, but he wanted the book gone so he threw it out the window. His evil cousin came by the window and saw the book. He froze Issac and his friends. After 100 years a young, beautiful dwarf that came from the same background and happened to be selling cookies, saw Issac and his friends and saved them with the help of 100 gems. They got married and lived happily ever after.

Hope you enjoyed these ‘happily ever afters!’